MSP Today Expert Feature
March 01, 2016

Echoworx Launches OneWorld Encryption on AWS Cloud

If you’re not familiar with Echoworx (News - Alert), it’s perhaps important to note that the company’s premier OneWorld smart platform for message encryption has been helping Verizon encrypt customers’ email for some time now. Recently, Echoworx announced a major shift in its strategy, one that will allow it to significantly expand support for geographic jurisdictional security, which has seen growing demand lately. To accomplish this, the company is launching OneWorld Encryption on AWS Cloud.

The Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) data center in Dublin has been selected by Echoworx for this new solution as it offers a jurisdictional advantage. Of course, AWS-Dublin is just the first region to go live under the new strategy. Additional jurisdictions will be added as demand arises.

"By utilizing AWS, we will no longer be restricted by physical resources or IT intensive infrastructure maintenance, enabling us to be 100 percent focused how we can help our customers communicate better with the outside world in a secure fashion," said Michael Ginsberg, president and CEO of Echoworx.

Echoworx’s OneWorld Encryption is a policy-based encryption solution that offers companies an easy way to encrypt email communications and electronic statements. By making OneWorld Encryption available in AWS, Echoworx can provide encryption services from a platform designed to provide customers with the flexibility and control to route their secure communications through one of 12 AWS geographic regions.

In addition, OneWorld enables businesses to easily integrate a single, scalable and easy-to-use encryption solution into their existing infrastructure. AWS makes deploying OneWorld across the world an easy point-and-click process, while offering customers the benefit of infrastructure that is hyper scalable and truly private.

With compliance and privacy requirements growing stricter in some countries, geographical jurisdictional security has become a top priority for many businesses. With pending legislation like the Investigatory Powers Bill in the U.K. and anti-encryption legislation in the U.S., enterprises are seeking services in geographic jurisdictions that allow them to keep communications secure. OneWorld Encryption makes geographic jurisdictional security easily attainable.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson