MSP Today Expert Feature
October 19, 2015

AVG Technologies Partners with ISL Online for Remote Monitoring

ISL Online, a provider of remote desktop software for enterprises, recently announced that it has partnered with AVG Technologies (News - Alert) to enhance the AVG Managed Workplace Remote Monitoring and Management platform, which helps managed service providers (MSPs) remotely access their client’s computers for administrative tasks.

The goal of this partnership, noted Jure Pompe, the CEO of ISL (News - Alert), is to give users improved remote access to their devices in a manner that meets AVG’s already-high security standards. The combination of their efforts needed to result in better support from MSP to client from support environments that run on either Windows or OS X.

“AVG Technologies came to us looking for a reliable remote access and control solution, which would stand up to their rigorous security standards,” Pompe said.

What MSPs will gain, most of all, is access to a single product that will remove a need to combine multiple vendors’ tools. This means that all the pieces of ISL’s remote control tools and AVG’s management platform will work smoothly together without extensive configuration from the user. Businesses can use the software directly from the box.

This partnership comes alongside the release of AVG Managed Workplace 9.2, which occurred this past September. In addition to the new ISL remote control, it provided a number of new tools, including improved backup and disaster recovery, support for device management to OS X, and integrated antivirus protection for detection and removal of unwanted files.

Support teams using the latest AVG software should find their support services easier to offer and tools easier to use. Those on OS X environments, who have gained options previously only available to Windows, may also see benefits with device onboarding and management. Clients can also appreciate the new capabilities, as they will be the direct recipients of this improved support.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere