MSP Today Expert Feature
September 01, 2015

Netwrix Adds INTERDEV as Channel Partner

Netwrix, the developer of network management and security software Netwrix Auditor, recently announced a partnership with INTERDEV, a managed service provider (MSP) that addresses security for applications, servers and networks.

INTERDEV will begin offering Auditor to its business clients who can use the platform to monitor all aspects of their networks. Auditor combines data access control with overall system management so IT admins can keep a tight hold on the security of their data and overarching hardware. For INTERDEV, notes CEO Gary Nichols, this offering should translate to improved security for its clients and a more flexible portfolio of options from Netwrix.

“We initially partnered with Netwrix to address our customers' security needs, and we found that Netwrix truly understands the demands of managed service providers and resellers,” Nichols said. “Beyond improving security manageability for our clients, the flexibility of Netwrix to support the needs of our recurring revenue business as well as traditional resale was a critical factor in our partnering with Netwrix.”

Daniel Schultheiss, the director of information technology and CSO at INTERDEV, further commented that this partnership with Netwrix could drive revenue for his company. As a MSP, it is constantly trying to address the security of its clients’ systems at a price that makes outsourcing an attractive option. INTERDEV needs to meet a price point which clients can afford in order to gain their business in the first place. From there, it must provide a quality product. And it appears INTERDEV is confident in that combination.

Netwrix has been growing its channel partner network at a high rate this past quarter. This August, it reported an 80 percent quarter-over-quarter gain that represented 25 percent of its revenue in that period. The Auditor security platform has taken center stage as part of that growth. Furthermore, Netwrix's on-boarding process is reportedly robust and has contributed much to its latest partnerships.

INTERDEV should receive the same treatment as the rest of this grouping. This will include training in pre-sales and marketing alongside 24-hour support from Netwrix associates. For even the short time that the companies have worked together, INTERDEV has shown that Auditor is a strong part of its portfolio. With both companies speaking highly of this partnership, it appears they could go far.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino