MSP Today Expert Feature
September 23, 2014

IDC Frontier Deploys Radware DefensePro to Protect New Cloud-Based Network Service

IDC (News - Alert) Frontier, a provider of cloud IaaS and data center services, has chosen the Attack Mitigation System from Radware to protect its new cloud-based network service from DDoS attacks. The company recently introduced its cloud-based IDC Frontier Network Service and was looking for a better security solution to detect and mitigate attacks.

Radware’s (News - Alert) solution is powered by their DefensePro real-time attack mitigation device and is geared toward cloud and data center providers. It provides an optimal first line of defense for IDC Frontier, a subsidiary of Yahoo! JAPAN, against zero-minute attacks, DoS/DDoS attacks and application misuse attacks. The solution is automated and requires no human intervention, nor does it block legitimate user traffic.

IDC has rolled out multiple units of DefensePro to replace their existing security solution. The offering is being used to protect the company’s cloud-based IaaS services, which include hosting, storage and a variety of value-added services like SaaS (News - Alert)/PaaS/IaaS and IP network services.

"In order to provide our IDC Frontier Network Service, we selected DefensePro because of its superior capability and features that other vendors couldn't match,” said Seiji Ishida, director of IDC Frontier and head of the customer service division. “We will continue to enhance our network services so that we can provide IT infrastructure on-demand, which our customers can use anytime they need."

The DefensePro real-time behavioral-based attack mitigation solution offers both DDoS mitigation as well as SSL-based protection to guard applications and networks from attacks. The solution includes a dedicated hardware platform based on the Radware OnDemand Switch for support of network throughputs up to 40Gbps. It also features an embedded DoS Mitigation Engine and a StringMatch Engine for accelerated signature detection.

Additional features include centralized attack management, monitoring and reporting across multiple devices and locations along with the ability to deploy devices inline our out-of-path to offer the highest mitigation accuracy within the shortest amount of time. The solution also comes with a complete set of security modules including an intrusion prevention system (IPS), network behavioral analysis, anti-DDoS/DoS protection and a reputation engine.

Edited by Maurice Nagle