MSP Today Expert Feature
August 25, 2014

CloudPhysics Offers New Data Analytics Features for Data Center Troubleshooting and Efficiencies

Massive amounts of data are being generated at a breakneck pace, making big data analytics and insights an extremely valuable part of any monitoring and management solution. CloudPhysics is capitalizing on this trend, and the company has announced a number of enhancements to its SaaS (News - Alert)-based cloud platform to provide insight into virtual infrastructure throughout a data center environment.

The company is offering new Global Insights for VMware users, enabling them to benchmark virtual infrastructure against global metrics. CloudPhysics is also making new interactive Daily Insights available, for dynamic aggregation and exposure of operational hazards across the data enter.

When combined, the new features let customers instantly pinpoint areas that may be improved along with the actions required to create improved data center health, performance and efficiencies. CloudPhysics also announced new “workload shapes” technology, which offers VMware administrators a means to quickly and efficiently identify storage performance anomalies and rectify issues.

"We continue to formulate new ways to put data to work for our customers, yielding relevant insights at the right time, in the right context,” said John Blumenthal, vice president of product management at CloudPhysics. “From broad aggregation of operational metrics gathered across thousands of datacenters, to highly granular views into individual workload shapes, our data-driven insights give IT teams more power than ever before to understand, troubleshoot, and optimize their virtualized data centers."

The CloudPhysics platform collects and analyzes configuration, performance, failure and event data from users throughout the world. The company uses patent-pending techniques to identify trends and patterns and shares that intelligence with customers through a variety of algorithms. In addition to the new Global and Daily Insights, CloudPhysics offers a variety of analytics along with an interactive timeline to create visual correlations and patterns. It also provides smart alerts, which evaluate all objects in the virtual data center against predetermined criteria and create alerts based on patterns and trends.

Finally, CloudPhysics provides a technology preview to customers by analyzing and characterizing a number of factors and visualizing them into workload shapes. This enables administrators to quickly spot disruptive patterns and accelerate resolution time. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi