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August 20, 2014 Launches DataProtect 4.5 Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

"Don't forget to backup" was something IT staff liked blurting out as they crisscrossed workstations to and fro from their office. With automatic backup solutions, those words are mentioned with less frequency, but it is still very necessary, even though the vast majority of organizations have multiple redundant systems in place. In today's security conscious environment, business continuity and disaster recovery plans are the norm because of all the natural and manmade disasters that could potentially wipe out all of the data in a particular system. Zetta (News - Alert).net, provider of enterprise-grade cloud backup, disaster recovery and archiving technology, has announced the launch of a new cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution, DataProtect 4.5.

DataProtect 4.5 is the first direct to cloud SaaS (News - Alert)-based server image backup with built-in WAN acceleration offering an appliance free solution with a wide range of physical and virtual backup and recovery options. With this platform, organizations will be able to use the integrated WAN acceleration to achieve optimal transfer speeds directly to the cloud in order to safeguard files, databases, and server images.

The benefit of having an appliance free platform is it lets users begin the recovery process immediately without having to worry about replacement hardware. Unlike legacy systems with on-premises hardware infrastructure and complex tape and appliance-based backup solutions, DataProtect 4.5 offers more flexible options with faster deployment and lower maintenance costs.

Speed is one of the key components of an effective DR platform, because organizations have to have their systems back online as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more money they lose, and the less trust customers have on the products and services they offer.

The new features of DataProtect 4.5 include:

Virtual and physical recovery options – with Physical to Physical (P2P), Physical to Virtual (P2V), and Virtual to Virtual (V2V) recovery.

Native VHD Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) – allows users to restore an entire system to new hardware by leveraging native Windows capabilities.

SQL backup enhancement – SQL and exchange backups can be streamed to's cloud without local disk space using the direct-to-cloud function.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) – delivers an additional layer of account protection with cloud-proven 2FA using Google (News - Alert)'s Authenticator requiring a password and a secondary verification code for login.

The security also extends when the data is being transmitted by using SSL encryption in flight and at rest. The company claims 99.99996 percent backup reliability and 100 percent recovery reliability in geo-dispersed datacenters by engineer-level U.S.-based support 24x7.

"With Zetta DataProtect 4.5, our customers can start recovering their full server images immediately after a disaster, so they can get up and running again as soon as possible," noted Chris Schin, vice president, products,

Edited by Maurice Nagle