MSP Today Expert Feature
August 18, 2014

Platform 9 Unveiled For Private Clouds

While Managed Service Providers (MSPs) might not get as much press as other technologies that are emerging, that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important vertical. Platform 9 is one company that certainly understands the importance of MSPs, being one itself. The company recently announced a new development that will make it that much more of a player in this market, with a new 100 percent cloud managed platform that is compatible with KVM, Docker and VMWare’s vSphere.

This particular MSP offering brings Software as a Service (SaaS (News - Alert)) to private cloud hookups that transform users’ existing servers into something that is agile and offers self-service cloud solutions just minutes after being unpacked. This solution is geared towards significantly reducing the complexity of the cloud for IT professionals. It does this by offering up a single pane of glass operations to the aforementioned KVM, Docker and vSphere.

Platform 9 is currently in a kind of operational beta that is being played with by a number of mid to large sized enterprise organizations. Gopal Koratana, chief technology officer at Vendormate, which serves 2,000 healthcare providers and 68,000 vendor companies, talked about what this new solution can mean for his company now and in the near future saying, “Platform9’s big innovation is that it brings the best of the public cloud to our existing infrastructure.”

As the cloud and virtual desktops get that much more important, companies are going to be looking at MSPs more so that they can cut down on their own operational costs. These kinds of MSPs offer the biggest and the best solutions when it comes to operating on these platforms, without having to pay an entire IT staff to operate and update the system. By having a staff offsite that is readily available, companies can devote their resources to growing.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi