Greater Flexibility, Greater Choice with iAreaNet's Carrier Choice Program

By Steve Anderson

The one great thing about a growing market is that there is seldom a shortage of choice. When it comes to private cloud network service, this is no exception, and iAreaNet recently brought out a new offering in its own program that makes customer choice all the richer for it. With iAreaNet's new offering, agents, customers, and partners alike will have access to a variety of new options, as well as the already robust lineup that iAreaNet had on hand in terms of services available.

With the new offering, the carriers choice program, those who sign up with iAreaNet will have a list of new options to choose from in terms of phone companies and cloud providers to put the service to use. Included in the iAreaNet listings are firms like Cornerstone, Endstream, TWC, and even Verizon. Should customers later find a need to change companies, reports suggest it's as simple as a few mouse clicks to make the switch.

But that isn't the only addition to iAreaNet's roster; the company is also stepping up its feature set. The company's Private Cloud network expands to places like Atlanta, Las Vegas, and New York, running IBM Smart Cloud as well as the PCM Utility Computing Platform, IM integrated, and the Utility Computing platform from BroadCloud. The company can provide disaster prevention services to give companies a means to keep information off-site and allow for at least limited operation in the event of a natural disaster, as well as a set of redundant servers in the business' choice of Windows or Linux to ensure the most flexibility and the most up-time possible. The company has been in business since 2002, and even offers an extra inducement to get users interested: the company's website proclaims that, should iAreaNet be unable to save its users 30 percent, iAreaNet will fork over $500 outright.

The CEO of iAreaNet, James deCrescenzo, offered up some commentary on why companies would want to do business with iAreaNet, saying “A solution like iAreaOffice can be a critical addition to their portfolio because it gives them a perfect converged offering that allows them to sell the best cloud platform now, Training and options are available, for support, engineers, sales, and marketing consultations.”

That's a pretty wide array of options, and a fairly robust feature set as well. The idea of the cash-back guarantee should a lack of savings materialize is another point in the company's favor, and should likely put iAreaNet in a good position in terms of the companies in the areas in which it operates. The sheer versatility of the offering, as well as the increased need for things like disaster planning—the lessons of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012 likely haven't been forgotten as yet, nor the incredible cold of last winter's polar vortex and accompanying snows—in order to keep business operating when the weather and the infrastructure clash.

While it's more a matter of time than anything to see what kind of impact iAreaNet's new services, as well as its currently-offered lineup, will have on the business community as a whole, it's not hard to believe that this will ultimately be well-received, or at least on companies' lists of vendors to consider. There's plenty of flexibility with iAreaNet, and these days, flexibility can be its own reward.

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