MSP Today Expert Feature
July 09, 2014

Comings & Goings: ServiceNow Acquires Neebula for $100 Million, Innovations Ensue

Upon their arrival onto the New York Stock exchange in 2012, ServiceNow, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software company offering cloud based IT service management solutions to businesses, achieved an introductory stock worth of $18.  Since then, this company has managed to sit comfortably inside their home base in Santa Clara, Calif., while ServiceNow stock boasts a current $56.46 a share.

Ever busy, ServiceNow has been bolstering their ranks and services with the acquisition of such companies as Mirror42, a performance management software company, and most recently, Neebula.  Purchasing this Israeli startup, specializing in software and system seeking technology for the business IT ecosystem, at a cool $100 million, ServiceNow, utilizing Neebula’s technology, owns and operates ServiceWatch.

ServiceWatch is solely designed for corporate IT upkeep and monitoring.  Entering into a company’s IT infrastructure through the basic user-accessed level, ServiceWatch digs in from the top down, proceeding to map out the surrounding network architecture.  Once the program has seen and gained an understanding of everything from email systems and databases, to systems applications and products (SAP (News - Alert)) applications, it is able to constantly monitor the health of the IT environment, finding the base cause of any service problem seamlessly and efficiently.

“Neebula is very excited to be part of the ServiceNow team,” said Yuval Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Neebula, in a statement.  “We had a vision to transform the ITOM market by automating the creation and maintenance of service models.  The combination of ServiceWatch’s powerful capabilities with ServiceNow’s ITOM solutions and market position, will allow us to better help enterprises realize the benefits of true service management.”

More to Yuval’s point, the fruition of service watch means automation; it means less manpower and the holistic maintenance of an organization’s entire IT-scape with one tool rather than many. 

It is the advice of this columnist to the reader, that close attention be paid to the future comings and goings of ServiceNow on the New York Stock Exchange, as this year’s model seems to spell ROI.

Edited by Maurice Nagle