MSP Today Expert Feature
July 07, 2014

Anturis 2.0 Solution Steps Up Java App Monitoring, Supports Parallels Plesk

For SMBs and web hosting companies interested in optimizing and monitoring their Java applications, Anturis has rolled out a new version of its offering. The company’s Anturis 2.0 monitoring and troubleshooting solution includes Anturis Java Virtual Machine (JVM) monitoring as well as Parallels Plesk Uptime monitoring features.

While JVM is an important part of Java in IT systems, Java apps can be complex and failure to properly clean up JVM memory can slow down applications. The new Anturis JVM monitoring feature enables users to monitor all memory usage, threads and classes for optimal performance.

Additional features include the ability to monitor all Java apps through a single console. Users may also set up warning and error thresholds for each parameter for each application running in the JVM, and the solution also sets off alarms and notifications so that admins may take corrective action to improve application performance.

Anturis has been steadily growing and expanding since the company launched the original version of its monitoring solution a little more than a year ago. According to Sergey Nevstruev, Anturis CEO, they have also been taking on new business partners as well as thousands of users throughout the world.

“We've made several product upgrades and enhancements, including cPanel/WHM and Parallels Plesk integration, Apache monitoring, new informative dashboards, Anturis Mobile application, printer monitoring, improved interface and many additional benefits,” added Nevstruev. “The new Anturis 2.0 with JVM monitoring and Parallels Plesk Uptime is one more major step forward for Anturis, and our growing slate of satisfied customers worldwide."

The Plesk Uptime Monitor checks to make sure servers are reachable and functioning properly, and lets users begin basic monitoring of servers in the Parallels Plesk Panel, even if they don’t have an account with Anturis. Those in need of more advanced Plesk monitoring features may set up an Anturis account directly through the Plesk Panel. This enables transaction monitoring, email, SMS or voice call alerts, reports, dashboards and graphing. Users may also share uptime status on their websites using the Anturis Uptime widget, another nifty new feature.