MSP Today Expert Feature
June 12, 2014

GFI MAX Adds Support for Windows Phone 8.1

Managed service providers (MSPs) have to deliver solutions that cover as many platforms as possible in order to capture the largest share of customers. While Android (News - Alert) is the biggest platform in the world, Apple enjoys a very high rate of popularity in the U.S., and the Windows Phone has its followers in the European market. It is therefore essential for MSPs to include support for these and other systems as mobile technology continues to grow with individual consumers and businesses. GFI MAX, a provider of integrated software solutions for IT support companies and MSPs, has released a new version of its RemoteManagement platform to extend its mobile device management (MDM) service offering.

The new features are going to add functionality and extend MDM support to Windows Phone (News - Alert) 8.1, allowing MSPs to secure company data and manage mobile device on Android, iOS and Windows. Additionally the solution will include new MDM reporting and Android Wi-Fi provisioning capabilities.

The new support will provide:

Windows Phone Support – with Microsoft (News - Alert) latest mobile operating system Windows Phone 8.1, MSPs will be able to monetize this platform along with Android and iOS.

MDM Inventory Report – MSPs can show the complete nature of MDM support across a customer's network by providing a full overview of all the devices the MSP is managing on behalf of its customers.

Location History Report – Customers can access the location of devices as well as the location of employees carrying those devices with detailed breakdown of the locations at which selected Android or Windows phone devices were logged over a period of months.

Android provisioning for Wi-Fi access – GFI MAX MDM now has Android Wi-Fi provisioning and the capabilities to provide instant update notifications when needed.

The MDM features GFI MAX also provides a robust security platform which lets MSPs manage and secure corporate data by proactively setting which devices may use company email and Wi-Fi services and implementing and enforcing company security policies. If the device is lost or stolen, the password can be reset and data can be wiped remotely to ensure sensitive information doesn't fall in the wrong hands.

"The enhanced GFI MAX MDM closes that blind spot for mobile devices, empowering MSPs to provide the most comprehensive network security service available, further deepening their relationships with their customers, aiding them with customer retention and development of profitable recurring revenue for their businesses," said Dr. Alistair Forbes, general manager of the GFI MAX business unit.

Edited by Maurice Nagle