MSP Today Expert Feature
May 07, 2014

New Dynamic Prioritization from tw telecom Lets Users Optimize Apps in Real Time

Service provider tw telecom (News - Alert) is offering a new capability to help users control network class of service implementations on demand and in real time. The new Dynamic Prioritization capability works across the company’s IP VPN and managed services, and lets customers prioritize their apps according to fluctuating business needs.

Customers taking advantage of Dynamic Prioritization may immediately adjust network class of service priorities to fit the requirements of specific apps. The offering is part of tw telecom’s Intelligent Network offering, designed to eliminate outdated practices like guessing at application priorities, filling out service orders and waiting days or weeks for changes to be made.

"It's time for a game changer that not only provides customers with flexible ‘class of service’ capability to dynamically prioritize its applications, but gives them the ability to do so on-demand, anywhere and at any time without the need for service provider interaction," said Adam Saenger, vice president of portfolio management at tw telecom.

The capability is designed to meet the demands of changing business requirements as well as increasingly scalable applications made possible by cloud computing. Customers benefit from no downtime with Dynamic Prioritization, enabling them to have real-time control of apps across a secure, scalable network infrastructure.

Bandwidth (News - Alert) is managed through class of service assignment, which optimizes business apps on the fly and in any situation. The capability fits in well with tw telecom’s Intelligent Network vision, which is tailored toward changing and evolving IT environments in general. The service provider believes that real-time automation is necessary to deal with scalability issues while also increasing productivity and efficiently managing costs. The solution gives customers real-time visibility and control of their network services for better management of critical business apps.

Edited by Maurice Nagle