MSP Today Expert Feature
May 05, 2014

Corent Joins IBM Cloud Marketplace with SurPaaS Platform and Paves Way for More SaaS Partnerships

IBM (News - Alert) is holding its IBM Impact event in Las Vegas this week and Big Blue is using the opportunity to play up its cloud, infrastructure plans, and partnerships. The company announced a key alliance with Corent Technology today that will help jumpstart its brand new IBM Cloud marketplace and pave the way for many more SaaS (News - Alert) partnerships.

Corent is offering the SurPaaS cloud enablement technology platform through IBM’s new app store, a solution designed to help IBM customers speed up their software migration path to SaaS. The platform essentially lets users quickly deliver any software as a service, and works with the IBM SoftLayer (News - Alert) cloud infrastructure, a requirement for third-party vendors to play in IBM’s Cloud marketplace.

SurPaaS also acts as a launching pad for other third-party apps, enabling software to be transformed to SaaS and compatible with SoftLayer, thereby eligible to be offered in the IBM Cloud marketplace. The new marketplace offers more than 100 SaaS applications so far, with the requirement that they are compatible with SoftLayer or IBM’s Bluemix PaaS offering.

"As organizations increasingly choose to procure software from the cloud, software vendors must be able to efficiently offer their software -- as a service,” said Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of Corent. SurPaaS helps MSPs, cloud service providers and VARs do just that, while also prepping them to play in IBM’s Cloud marketplace, paving the way for valuable partnerships and accessibility.

Corent has shown diplomacy in its IaaS dealings thus far, teaming up with Microsoft in the beginning of the year with support for their Windows Azure cloud platform. The solution also supports .NET (News - Alert) applications, with Fatehi describing his company’s platform as a disruptive technology. Indeed it has the potential to change the cloud game as company’s can take apps and software and convert them to an “as a service” cloud offering in as little as eight days, a process that the company says would otherwise take up to 10 months.

SurPaaS can be deployed on any cloud platform or data center, leaving the window open for additional infrastructure partnerships for the company. The solution can SaaS-enable any Java, PHP or .Net application, and offers self-service, onboarding and management capabilities, all designed to help users deliver SaaS offerings efficiently.

Edited by Maurice Nagle