Cloud File Sharing and Data Protection for Distributed Workforces

By Peter Bernstein

It is no secret that one of the biggest challenges IT departments are facing today, given the immutable trends of virtualization, the cloud and mobility that are transforming the workplace into an increasingly distributed one, is how to assure data at rest and in motion is protected. Employees want and need to be able to access critical files from anywhere and at any time, but IT needs the visibility and control to mitigate risks.

The realities are that there is no turning back on the virtualization of work, especially the distributed nature of those doing it and the fact that it must be reliable, available and secure 24/7/365. There is also a deep appreciation, many times driven by top management because of their personal use and need to collaborate, that file sharing is an indispensible tool and the ability to do it securely, with the cloud as facilitator is a viable way to keep employees and IT happy and the enterprise safe.

That said, providing IT services for the distributed workforce that meet user needs, are cost-effective, easy to manage and secure, has presented enterprise IT departments with some unique issues. The good news is that the cloud really is a great and safe place to enable file sharing and IT can have the capabilities it needs in terms of visibility and management functionality that protects the data and hence mitigates risk.

This issue of how to accomplish the goals of meeting the needs of employees while protecting the enterprise is the subject of a webinar I will be moderating on November 7 at Noon EST, Cloud File Sharing and Data Protection for Distributed Workforces.  

You are invited to join me and Don Fuller, Senior Director of Sales, North America, CTERA, and Savvis’ Todd Loeppke, Technical VP –Storage Services and Chris Phillips, Director of Sales Engineering, Americas for a discussion of how CTERA in discussion of how CTERA in conjunction with Savvis provides a cloud-based solution that securely delivers file sharing, data protection, and mobile access to distributed workforces in a single, easy to manage solution.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • How to share and collaborate on files securely throughout the entire enterprise
  • The powerful combination of file sharing and data protection in single platform
  • Using automated data protection policies in remote sites
  • Utilizing tablets and smartphones to get data anywhere, anytime
  • Centrally managing thousands of sites and remote workers
  • Provisioning an enterprise-level security with a fully private solution

This is more than just an ability to listen to subject matter experts. It is also an opportunity to view in real-time a demonstration of a service that is benefitting customers who were facing the same kinds of challenges your enterprise is confronting today.

Despite what maybe concerns about the cloud as a repository of data that might be compromised by the ability of employees to access the information they require to be productive, the facts are that the cloud in many ways is as if not more secure than the way in which enterprises share critical files currently. The webinar provides a unique opportunity to find out why this is true, and learn first-hand about solutions and best practices designed to give distributed employees what they need and IT peace of mind. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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