MSP Today Expert Feature
October 24, 2013

ITSONNET Chooses Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to Manage Customer Cloud Usage and Costs

ITSONNET, a global MSP, has chosen the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as a cloud management tool. The company is using the solution to give its customers control over cloud computing usage and costs as well as to deliver unique features to the vertical markets it serves.

The MSP plays in the reinsurance, gaming and financial services spaces, which seek out on-demand and scalable solutions for easy and quick provisioning of cloud services. They selected the Flexiant solution based on its “Bento Box (News - Alert)” functionality, which enables them to provide traditional solutions in a virtualized environment and truly deliver infrastructure as a service.

Flexiant’s offering includes pre-configured application provisioning, which lets service providers offer pre-packaged application stacks that are already in use. It is also white labeled, intuitive and supports multi-level tiers.

The company has had a busy month, recently joining the $7.2 million CACTOS project, a consortium of organizations from the U.K., Ireland, Germany and Sweden. The project is centered on using real-world data to optimize cloud computing and make it more efficient. The Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is being used to collect and utilize historical data and research, as well as for stress testing applications and modeling behaviors.

Flexiant was also chosen by cloud solutions provider FailProof Technology this month. The company is using the Cloud Orchestrator to power its FailProof-Cloud platform marketplace, geared toward MSPs, VARs and IT professionals.

"Our customers sought a cloud solution that put them in the driving seat to control usage as well as costs,” said Rajinder Basi, CEO at ITSONNET, on choosing Flexiant. “However they have specific challenges - for instance, the reinsurance industry involves a lot of big data mining which requires enormous amounts of analytical processing, and flexible capabilities to address seasonal fluctuations in claims.”

He added that the gaming industry also has specific challenges, particularly as companies move away from traditional disc space systems. Customers now need to deliver capacity on demand for cloud-based gaming as well as the ability to quickly increase services to deal with the fluctuating demands of testing and development schedules.

“ITSONNET is an exceptional example of how one service provider is differentiating against Amazon and others by targeting key vertical markets and meeting customer demand,” said George Knox, CEO of Flexiant. "This flexibility means we can help ITSONNET deliver on specific customer needs. For instance, ITSONNET's gaming customers need their data to reside on dedicated infrastructure, while still wanting to have 'Amazon-style' provisioning and billing. With Flexiant, ITSONNET is now able to offer this type of exclusive infrastructure, as well as billing and provisioning flexibility."

Edited by Ryan Sartor