Turnkey Managed Security Platform for ISPs

By Bob Emmerson

Wedge Networks has introduced a Turnkey Managed Security Platform that ISPs can employ in order to deliver better security, increase customer satisfaction and generate additional revenue per user. The business and technology model is distinctively different. Wedge is hosting a comprehensive range of proven, third-party security software products that ISPs can offer to their customers, primarily SMBs, for an additional modest fee, e.g. 20 percent. This fee is split 50:50 with Wedge, who takes care of software updates.   There is no charge for the ISPs: it’s a revenue sharing model.

These software products, e.g. McAfee, Trend Micro, etc., were designed for consumers: what Wedge has done is to deploy them on a platform that allows them scale. There is virtually no upper limit. It sounds easy but it took a few years to develop this capability. The result is a solution that gives ISPs a painless, profitable way of offering security services to all their subscribers: one that leverages their business relationship and minimizes churn.   Internet access is a commodity and prices erode. The value-added service that Wedge is enabling is sticky: moreover is addresses BYOD security concerns.

Targeting SMBs, there are around 20 million worldwide, makes good business senses. These companies are finding it harder to deal with evolving cyber security pains. In a world of cloud services, social media, mobile systems and increasing threats they need better security protection, but at they have less time to manage their security environment. Wedge’s solution integrates various security expertise and services into one product, making it easy for customers to buy and use.

The platform allows operators to clean traffic at the network layer and deliver security to where it belongs, the network. It integrates with current systems like provisioning, billing, management, and reporting. Custom dashboards deliver comprehensive information about the security status. Integrated security services include: web-filter, anti-virus, anti-spam, data loss prevention, PCI compliance, IDS/IPS, mobile security, zero-day sandboxing, critical infrastructure protection, and advanced persistent threat protection. All functions are built on the tried, tested, and award winning WedgeOS platform.

Systems running on this platform have been deployed globally and they have delivered security protection for tens of millions of users. What is new is the target audience, the SMBs, and the way that this integrated solution is being marketed, i.e. as a painless, profitable service for ISPs.

Edited by Alisen Downey

TMC European Editor

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