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August 13, 2013

Managing VMware from the Cloud is CloudPhysics' Equation

The cloud has long been here in the form of Internet services such as webpages hosted on big machines in large datacenters.

Virtualization took this all to a whole new level. But by turning an IBM (News - Alert) mainframe into literally 2,500 virtual machines, or a hefty server into tens or hundreds of VMs, cloud services became way more affordable and easy to provision.

Today many public clouds are based on VMware, and many enterprises base their internal computing, and indeed private clouds, on VMware as well.

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CloudPhysics understands this, and has made as its goal helping IT understand, configure and optimize its virtual infrastructure. Investors are buying into the concept to the tune of $10 million in recent investments.

“Our mission is to leverage the world's IT data knowledge about virtualized systems, and use that to transform computing,” the company said. “By monitoring, analyzing and learning from big data, CloudPhysics' Collective Intelligence gives you an unprecedented level of insight into how to structure your virtualized IT. We empower your organization to drive operations excellence using actionable analytics from a Google (News - Alert)-size data set.”

The company’s pedigree is substantial, with executives culled from Cadence, Google, NetApp, Sun, Veritas and VMware.

“Managing virtualized IT means managing an ever-changing, dynamic set of conditions,” said John Blumenthal, CEO and co-founder of CloudPhysics. “Today’s static solutions can’t keep pace and a new approach is called for – leveraging collective intelligence drawn from industry-wide operations big data and delivering solutions rapidly via SaaS (News - Alert) as users encounter new operational problems. This infusion of capital will accelerate our aggressive growth plans as we continue to hire the industry’s best engineering talent and expand our global IT operational data service.”

New Tool Launches

At the same time that CloudPhysics announced its new $10 million bankroll, it also released “its intelligent IT operations management service for VMware workloads.”

The tool was tested by some 500 IT shops and applies the big data concept to the understanding of virtual workloads and infrastructure.

“Google uses analysis of anonymized traffic data from everyone’s GPS location streams to help users avoid accidents and bottlenecks and make better driving decisions. CloudPhysics brings that same kind of power to IT so enterprises can make better operational decisions,” explained Blumenthal. “Our servers receive a daily stream of 80-plus billion samples of configuration, performance, failure and event data from our global user base with a total of 20+ trillion data points to date. This ‘collective intelligence,’ combined with CloudPhysics’ patent-pending datacenter simulation and unique resource management techniques, empowers enterprise IT to drive Google-like operations excellence using actionable analytics from a large, relevant, continually refreshed data set.”

Edited by Alisen Downey