Cloud Management Tools from Zimory Meet IT Transformation from Devoteam

By Doug Barney

If you follow MSP Today at all, you know a big chunk of our stories concern buyouts and partnerships. This piece is about the latter, as Zimory, a cloud management provider out of Berlin, is hooked up with Devoteam, which is in the business of “IT Transformation.”

Zimory customers, rather than figuring out for themselves how to migrate to the cloud, can lean on Devoteam.

The Zimory Cloud Suite is all about cloud infrastructure management. “The Zimory Cloud Suite helps companies to better integrate their businesses with IT in order to secure a competitive advantage in dynamic, changing markets. We welcome Zimory's innovative solution to our cloud portfolio. This partnership will help us expand our range of effective cloud solutions, and it supports our strategy to provide independent support to customers on their way to the cloud,” says Jürgen Hatzipantelis, executive vice president for Central Europe at Devoteam.

Devoteam believes most shops could benefit from both the cloud, and a helping hand.

“Many of our potential customers associate the paradigm shift to cloud technologies as a strategic challenge, not only for IT operations, but also for the core business as a whole,” noted Juliane Frömmter, partner and alliance manager at Zimory. “Through this new partnership, Devoteam will serve our customers during this transformation process by setting and defining the right priorities when creating flexible sourcing strategies to meet individual IT requirements.”

Zimory, now six years old, serves enterprises, cloud brokers and service providers with carrier-grade infrastructure management. “Cloud Suite simplifies, automates and expedites the creation, launch and management of all types of cloud environments – whether public, private, virtual private or hybrid. Zimory software is also a key enabler of cloud marketplaces for enterprise services, applications and infrastructure,” the company explained.

Devoteam, meantime, is an eight-year-old consulting firm with over 4,500 employees in 23 countries.

One of Zimory’s recent cloud management breakthroughs is a deal to help the German Stock Exchange create a public trading platform that allows for the trading of IT resources.

“The time when contract negotiations took months will be over for most businesses. Standardizing IaaS offerings will revolutionize the cloud computing market in a similar way to how the GSM standard changed cellular telephony. Cloud services will be provided faster and in more varied ways,” said Ruediger Baumann, CEO of Zimory, which will provide the underlying cloud technology for the Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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