DRaaS Vendor Zips into Zerto

By Doug Barney

MSP Today can’t just ignore a few obvious points, so in this report we have to be upfront about the fact that the companies involved have rather odd names. First we have Cirrity, which not even an English Lit Ph.D. could decipher. And there’s Zerto, which sounds cool but has no obvious meaning.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into the news: Cirrity will henceforth base its cloud disaster recovery on the Zerto Cloud Disaster Recovery Ecosystem (ZCE). And here again we have to pause and note that while the name Zerto makes no sense, it’s acronym makes even less so. Shouldn’t it be ZCDRE?

In any event, the Zerto tool is called Zerto Virtual Replication and is all based upon a hypervisor.

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The mixture of cloud storage and virtualization is a big deal these days for two reasons. First, there are more and more virtual machines that need backing up. But more interestingly, virtualization changes how backup is done, and by backing up environments as a VM, you can restore a ready-to-go full environment.

Maybe that was also Cirrity’s thinking. “Cirrity spent an extensive amount of time evaluating the options to power our DR service offering, and Zerto was the clear choice to support our secure, compliant solution,” says Andrew Albrecht, COO of Cirrity. “Zerto enables us to provide a wide range of businesses with a cost-effective solution that ensures their data is completely safe and readily available should a system failure take place – even if it’s only for a few minutes. The combination of Zerto’s powerful technology with Cirrity’s cloud infrastructure, built on enterprise-class hardware, makes vStream the best answer for companies that are ready to immediately implement a DR cloud solution.”

The vStream View

It wasn’t that long ago that Cirrity launched vStream. The little ‘v’ in vStream stands for “virtual” and mimics naming conventions used by partner VMware. You know, vSphere, vCloud, all that.

vStream is a hypervisor-based service that works at the block level and can do almost-continuous replication, the company said.

When it comes to disaster recovery, actually getting back all your important data is job one. Job two is getting back to business quickly, and here Cirrity claims (MSP Today has not verified these assertions) to have the fastest recovery time in the industry (MSP Today is also sure that more than a few competitors would beg to differ). With vStream, businesses can have data restored in mere minutes.

Virtualization, especially fundamental VMware technology, is the root of the high performance. One piece of vStream integrates with vCenter from VMware.

“Cirrity hosts vStream on a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure that is built on enterprise-class hardware,” explains Dan Timko, president and CTO of Cirrity. “vStream employs leading edge technology, however the system we have created is easy to manage, and we remove all of the headaches from implementation. SMB and Enterprise end users will find a new tab in their vCenter management portal that provides easy access to the vStream product.”

Partner Push

The vendor claims to be all about the channel, to have a good partner program, and pitches the fact that partners have access to a service that is already fully integrated and quick to deploy.

The partner program allows the channel to go after an array of markets, including business continuity and disaster recovery, cloud-based desktops, enterprise applications, hybrid cloud, SaaS enablement and remote backup.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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