MSP Today Expert Feature
July 02, 2013

Injazat Data Systems Offers Managed Virtual Data Center Services in UAE Region

UAE IT solutions provider Injazat Data Systems has added Managed Virtual Data Center services to its roster to meet the growing demand for cloud services in the region. The services have been added to the provider's Enterprise Cloud portfolio.

Injazat's Managed Virtual Data Center offering provides flexible packages for virtual servers, storage, data backup, networking and security. It also comes with bundled bandwidth, and customers may opt for access via the Internet or through Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

The new offering is software-defined, and is designed to free enterprises from the headaches involved with on-premise data center deployments. This includes no upfront capital investments, and clients may pay for allocated infrastructure only under a pay-as-you-grow plan. The solution is also based on best-of-breed infrastructure, with the Tier IV design-certified Injazat Premier Data Center providing software, storage and networking. The facility is also able to deliver high levels of resiliency and availability.

Managed Virtual Data Center Services are delivered from a secure environment that is fully compliant with the ISO 27001 framework, and are ITIL standards compliant as well. Standards compliance enables Injazat customers to deliver infrastructure faster while also maximizing cost benefits.

“The explosion of cloud computing adoption and demand in the UAE and across the region requires solutions that are more flexible, cost effective and efficient,” said Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, chief executive officer of Injazat Data Systems. “With Managed Virtual Data Center Services, Injazat offers organizations a platform to better harness the cloud to join enterprise IT movements toward virtualization, big data and advanced data recovery."

“This new service can play a key role not only in optimizing business efficiencies in the UAE, but also in further cementing the country’s status as a leader in the region for technology enablement," he added. "For many enterprises in this part of the world, cloud computing is the way forward. Managed Virtual Data Center is intended to support this growing sentiment.”

By rolling out new cloud computing services, Injazat is helping to meet burgeoning demand in the Middle Eastern region. Cloud services are expected to grow at more than 40 percent in the next three years in the UAE. The company is also helping to accelerate the development of Abu Dhabi into a knowledge-based economy, as outlined in the UAE's Economic Vision 2030 development strategy.

Edited by Alisen Downey