MSP Today Expert Feature
May 17, 2013

Remote Monitoring and Management Vendors Just Love To Partner

Since joining MSP Today just a couple months ago, I’ve written a cool eight stories about remote monitoring and management (RMM) vendors hooking up with other players.

You see, RMM is a tool that adds values to most any MSP. After all, what could be better than knowing exactly how your customer’s service is going and intervene when problems are spotted?

For users and providers of Anchor cloud storage, sync and collaboration wares, there is a newly authorized and approved tool to keep tabs on these services.

Level Platforms just struck a deal to be kind of the current vendor of choice for Anchor MSPs looking for monitoring. This is the first RMM partnership Anchor has weighed into, and the RMM is now integrated with Anchor cloud services. This isn’t, however, Anchor’s first overall partnership, nor will it be the last.

In February, Anchor hooked up with Autotask to integrate that company’s services automation tools with Anchor storage and sync tools. This way, Anchor MPSs and customers can get alerts, usage data, and system activity information.

Anchor indicated then that this year was to be a big year for partnerships.

Level Platform, meanwhile, is also on a partner tear, hoping to make its Managed Workplace RMM a bit of an MSP standard, or at least commonplace. The driving force here is its Vendor Alliance Program. In fact Level Platform has dozens of managed partners, everyone from Acronis to Zenith.

What Anchor Throws Out

Anchor believes it makes a compelling MSP case. “With the custom Anchor Policy Module now available to Level Platforms partners through the Partner Portal, MSPs can monitor and manage the performance, health, system activity and uptime of the services that power the Anchor cloud platform from within the Managed Workplace dashboard. If services are interrupted, Managed Workplace will automatically restart the service and send an alert to the MSP if the reboot fails. Optionally, MSPs can set alerts to receive a notification in the Managed Workplace dashboard any time service is interrupted,” the company argued.

Edited by Jamie Epstein