MSP Today Expert Feature
March 05, 2013

Stratogent Corporation Expands U.S. and Indian Offices to Serve Customers Better

Stratogent Corporation, a leading cloud managed services provider, has recently expanded both its U.S. and Indian offices.

Stratogent is a privately held IT managed services provider that monitors the entire data center infrastructure of its clients. This includes all the operating system hardware, security, networking, storage, backups, databases and disaster recovery from its offices based in Bangalore, India and San Mateo, California. It has been on a fabulous growth trajectory lately.

Chetan Patwardhan at Stratogent expressed his excitement in the expansion of both its U.S. and Indian offices. He went on to add that 2012 was their best year and that the expansion of their offices justifies that. He also mentioned the 160 percent increase in their client base, which he felt was their main achievement. Such a phenomenal growth in such a short span of time provided them the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and allowed them to better serve their customers and open greater access to fresh resources. He felt that such a growth was primarily because of the trust and reputation that they enjoyed in the industry.

Jishnu Mitra, president and chief technical officer, mentioned that the new facilities permitted them to further improve their 24x7 NOC (News - Alert) and operations. He said that they were all set to handle the substantial growth that they were experiencing, and the expansion will only assist them to absorb new customers at the current pace of growth.

Spacious workspaces will now help Stratogent accommodate more operational functions and leverage more opportunities. It will be able to serve more customers efficiently by increasing the size of its teams. New customers thus will bring more business and the new offices are equipped to deal with incoming business opportunities.

Edited by Brooke Neuman