MSP Today Expert Feature
February 28, 2013

Webalo Releases Improved Version of its Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Service App

With business operations rapidly shifting to smart operation, productivity no longer solely relies on the number of employees in a company, or the number of work hours put in. Since many recent deployments work online or feature some support for digital operations, innovative applications and software builds are the new deciding factors in the success or failure of many enterprises.

Webalo, a firm founded and run by IT industry gurus, with a mission to provide software builds to improve on company operations, has announced the general availability of a new version of its cloud-based enterprise mobility service.

The new version comes with upgrades allowing mobile users to access Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from smartphones and tablets. With this information, users can keep track of, analyze and act in real time, depending on what the operational intelligence deductions suggest.

In addition to this, the Webalo (News - Alert) upgrade facilitates the simultaneous monitoring of multiple backend applications and data sources. Upon deployment, the upgrade will support most of the major enterprise application vendors, including builds from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle (News - Alert) and SAP.

By deploying complex analytical data straight to smartphones or tablets, Webalo gives managers the power to constantly tweak their company operations to suit the demands of the market. Managing a business straight from the app puts real-time enterprise management on the same plane with the idea of sorting your office work while on the go.

Commenting on the efficacy of the system, Joe Perret, VP of Systems and Technology at Bell Nursery, a green house grower, points to out how the app lets his company decide on what each of the company stores need and replenish the supplies in real time.

This allows the company not to turn away customers simply because that specific commodity is not in stock.

Any app developed to improve on firm management should deliver live data to users and allow them to act on that data without returning to their offices. Very few apps do this, and with Webalo blasting a path to where none has traveled before, it’s evident that managers will soon have a simple means of controlling their businesses while on the go.

Edited by Braden Becker