MSP Today Expert Feature
February 28, 2013

NetWolves Adds 'Elite Master Program' to Suite for Dedicated Agents

Managed Network Provider (MNP) NetWolves has just announced its latest program, the “Elite Master Program,” which will work as the company’s Channel Program, but focused on select Master Agents.

To qualify as a Master Agent, the company has to have proven its invaluable contribution and dedication to the growth and development of the NetWolves Program.

Companies considered Master Agents by NetWolves include TBI, Intelisys, PlanetOne and Microcorp. These companies mark the first entrants into the new program, but NetWolves asserts that they will not be the last, based on the strength and success the company has proven lately.

“When we initially engaged the NetWolves team, the network opportunity was approximately $11,000 MRC. The NetWolves team rolled up their sleeves, and engaged the customer, assuming a primary role,” explains Ralph A. Chacon, president at Agape Communications. “Our client was consistently impressed and happy with the high level of expertise and flexibility which was displayed.”

The numbers certainly back Chacon’s statement, as NetWolves has helped grow the company’s network opportunity from $11,000 to $24,000 MRC.

In fact, adds Chacon, “The customer continues to turn to NetWolves for additional managed services and bills in excess of $45,000 MRC today.”

The Elite Master Program is tailored to Master Agents looking to “unlock the potential of managed services revenue,” the company states. The support structures involved in the service are elaborate, and include Solutions Managers, Network Engineering and Project Management features.

These features will help Master Agent companies identify additional revenue streams inherent to existing network customers as well as new ones, and will make these streams accessible to those in the program.

The companies that have signed on already are, according to NetWolves, exactly who the program has been created for. In a sense, it is a reward for customer loyalty and efforts.

“Their commitment to identifying priority opportunities and bringing NetWolves’ full suite of service to the dance as solidified the foundation of our relationship,” explained president of sales at NetWolves Ryan Kelly.

The company adds that “Agents who have worked with NetWolves for years would agree, NetWolves enjoys the highest retention rate among service providers.”

This rate has reportedly helped grow initial network revenue by 50-to-200 percent, an uncommon growth rate when contracting directly with Tier One facility providers.

NetWolves has extended its hand to any agents who are not affiliated with one of NetWolves’ Master Agents, offering the option to contact the company directly and inquire about the new program and NetWolves’ services.

Edited by Brooke Neuman