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February 21, 2013

South River Technologies Releases WebDrive, Version 11

South River Technologies, Inc. has released the latest update of its WebDrive File Access Client solution, Version 11. The new version is designed to make sharing files over the Internet more efficient while incorporating new capabilities.

WebDrive File Access Client Solution was designed to allow clients to open and edit server-based files without having to download the file first. It’s extremely simple, after a user signs up with WebDrive, they will have access to a simple wizard. That wizard will assign a network drive letter to the FTP Server. By connecting to the file virtually, there is no need to use a separate FTP client to edit. Now, users can access and edit files the same way they would on their PC.

The latest update makes the process even simpler by adding seamless integration with popular cloud clients such as Dropbox and Google (News - Alert) Drive.

“Users can now connect to these services as well as corporate FTP Servers, Microsoft SharePoint and a variety of secure web servers through the convenience of a network drive,” South River said in a statement. “An updated site manager interface allows for easier navigation, particularly for customers who are accessing a large number of servers through WebDrive.

One company who has been taking advantage of WebDrive for years is The company specializes in website searching and robot text. Robert Keller, founder of, said he couldn’t image working without WebDrive.

“We’ve used WebDrive for over right years and it’s always ‘just there’ ready-to-work,” said Keller. “We enjoy the simplicity and convenience of integrated drive letters in Windows Explorer rather than launching a separate app. We cannot imagine a simpler or easier to use every day tool.”

WebDrive is currently used in over 120 countries and has been installed on over five million desktop computers. South River Technologies said the latest version download can be purchased through their website for as little as $70.

Edited by Brooke Neuman