MSP Today Expert Feature
February 21, 2013

Drobo Partners with Barracuda to Offer Cloud Accessibility

Drobo has announced a partnership with Barracuda designed to enable data sharing thanks to the cloud.

The Drobo 5N device allows people who share a home or a small office to store and access data on a network. By integrating Barracuda’s cloud-based storage and file-sharing solution, Copy, Drobo will allow users to access files away from the building.

Barracuda is well-known for its e-mail security solutions. Recently, the company expanded its security mission to include protecting data in the cloud.

Copy comes with 5GB of free storage. Members-only access keeps personal and proprietary information safe, and controls allow users to choose whether their data can be accessed only online or synced to a computer.

Drobo 5N users will have direct, integrated access to Copy functionality. In essence, this partnership brings the hybrid cloud to households and small businesses.

“In order for businesses to be able to effectively use online file sharing services, they have to be able to maintain control of the assets outside of their firewall,” said ESG founder and senior analyst Steve Duplessie.

“The hybrid-cloud approach brought to market by Barracuda and Drobo is exactly what businesses and users need—corporate control with user ease.”

The hybrid cloud environment delivers off-site data storage coupled with on-site storage. In the case of power failure or other major disruption, company data access is uninterrupted.

According to Forbes writer Joe McKendrick, many IT executives argue that cloud access is quicker than on-site access in an emergency. For this reason, many companies use the cloud as their primary backup and use on-site storage as their failover environment.

Small businesses can utilize the Drobo 5N with Barracuda Copy integration as an affordable cloud storage and file sharing solution. Coupled with the 5N, Copy means better access and better business continuity thanks to the hybrid cloud.

Edited by Brooke Neuman