Nexthink Releases New End-User V4.3

By Ashley Caputo

As technology changes the platform for the work place, with innovations like the cloud and BYOD trend, it is important to have an IT department that can manage these new areas that continue to emerge, which is how Nexthink comes into play.

Nexthink, an IT infrastructure provider of end-user solutions, has released its latest development, Nexthink v4.3, which utilizes its artificial intelligence to solve IT problems, without a technician.  Its solutions help businesses reduce IT mishaps by 35 percent, fix the issues 60 percent faster and improve levels of security where it is needed most, like mobile devices, which has seemed to become a rising issue as mobility usage increases.

The Nexthink v4.3 has new multi-tenant support and full-centralized management of roles and profiles by introducing data isolation and allowing a “configure it once, apply it for everyone” approach.

"This new release offers all the centralization capabilities we need to deliver multi-tenant monitoring services to our customers with simplified management, all from one interface," said Ralph Schmid, head of IT infrastructure solutions, design and sales at Swisscom.

By analyzing all of the end-user events, like performance, bandwidth, failures and security issues, Nexthink is then able to apply its artificial intelligence and real-time enterprise IT analytics to detect abnormal behavior, which saves time and improves security. The Active Directory (AD) authentication feature makes it easier to manage accounts, while also improving security through its password requirements.

To make it easier to define appreciate content for the different roles within its business Nexthink now provides centralized alerts, service and one-click investigations so that administrators can avoid configuration mistakes and create user profiles.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

MSPToday Web Editor

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