MSP Today Expert Feature
February 19, 2013

Cloud Accounting Institute Calls for New Survey Participants

The Cloud Accounting Institute (CAI), a company that collects and distributes information on cloud computing for accounting and finance professionals, announced on Friday that the company is looking for participants for its second annual Benchmark Survey on Cloud/Saas solutions software usage.

According to CAI’s announcement, as seen on HostReview, the purpose of this survey will be to learn what accounting and financial management professionals use at the moment for data storage, and to learn what these professionals expect from cloud technology or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS (News - Alert)) solutions.

“Whether you have already adopted cloud technologies or are just considering your options, we hope that you will contribute your views to this important study,” stated Lindy Antonelli, Chairman and Executive Director of the Cloud Accounting Institute.

According to a survey by CAI in 2012, the ability to incorporate cloud applications with one another or with on-premises applications was one of the leading concerns finance professionals had about moving to the cloud.

“While the early days of cloud technology and likewise cloud accounting software may have posed integration problems, with the maturity of cloud comes a vast array of solutions,” Antonelli said in an article, which helped explain the purpose and goal of the 2012 survey. “Some integration challenges are easily solved, others are very complex. Therefore it is not possible to generalize on costs, other than to say that application and data integration solutions are available at both low and high price points, in both do-it-yourself and outsourced formats, for host-based licensing or cloud-based delivery.”

Founded in January 2012, CAI’s goal is to cover all aspects of cloud financials and accounting practices in order to help businesses understand the concept, and make a smooth transition into cloud storage if they desire.

The survey will be conducted via e-mail between CAI and those who would like to participate.

Edited by Braden Becker