MSP Today Expert Feature
February 06, 2013

Tenzing Managed IT Services Announces Strengthening of Security Fabric

Tenzing Managed IT Services has announced the strengthening of its “security fabric” by successfully completing its annual audit for a host of third party security certifications.

This includes SSAE-16, ISO 27001, VISA PCI (News - Alert), and PCI-DSS. This security certification audit process by Tenzing further reinforces its commitment to deliver the highest levels of privacy and data protection in the industry, which is attributed to strengthen the “security fabric” in the industry.

Tenzing is a leading provider of advanced hosting solutions that incorporate cloud hosting, SaaS (News - Alert) hosting, managed hosting, e-commerce hosting, advanced managed services, and Oracle or ATG hosting. Taking e-commerce and SaaS solutions to a different level, Tenzing has emerged as the first choice for mid-market e-commerce providers. It is the preferred choice of SaaS providers to offer business critical Internet applications to medium and large enterprises. Tenzing has also introduced a next level of enterprise-class cloud computing, ensuring reduced costs and accelerated deployments.  

Talking about the annual audit process for third party security certifications, Brian Shepard, founder and chief executive officer of Tenzing, said that the company manages “mission-critical applications” for the clients who work with sensitive and important personal or financial information that must be kept secure at all times. The annual audit and certification process that the company goes through demands huge cost investments and time; however, they enable Tenzing to deliver complete peace of mind for their clients and customers. The audits also guide the company towards the process of continual improvement as a critical part of the business, he added.

In the year 2009, Tenzing was among the first managed service providers that went under the extensive certification process of ISO 27001. It is a reputable and important international standard, essential for global clients. Since the early 2010, the company also achieved annual SAS (News - Alert) 70 Type II audits. In the year 2012, Tenzing added the Visa PCI and PCI-DSS certifications into its line to guarantee that credit card data are handled in the most secured manner, with the highest levels of protection available. 

The director of Information Security and IT Engineering at Tenzing, Justin Folkerts, said that clients rely on Tenzing, not only to manage their operations, but also to protect their information. Besides using advanced technologies like antivirus, firewalls, DoS mitigation services, and intrusion detection, the audit programs of the company delivers a framework to integrate the processes and people. This unique combination of disciplined processes, technology, and annual audits presents a “security fabric” and an extensive data protection system that is built and maintained by the company to ensures that they remain ahead in competition.

Edited by Ashley Caputo