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January 29, 2013

Lyatiss Launches Application Defined Networking Platform for Cloud Deployments

Network control is one of the most significant issues surrounding cloud deployments today. If users had better insight into bottlenecks and other traffic issues, deployments could go off that much more quickly and efficiently.

France-based startup Lyatiss, which makes application defined networking software for the cloud, has come out of stealth mode, launching the public beta of its first product, CloudWeaver, for users of Amazon Web Services (News - Alert).

The company, which also has offices in Santa Clara, Calif., has created an intuitive orchestration tool designed to integrate network resources with other services, ultimately to deliver better cloud infrastructure control and performance optimization.

With the rise of software defined networking (SDN), Lyatiss co-founder and CEO Pascale Vicat-Blanc explained that while SDN is focused on the lower layers of the network stack: packet switching and routing tables are now controlled by software, but it’s not enough at the application level, he said.

“Applications want to speak at a higher level: end to end delay and path capacity for moving massive amounts of data in a predictable time. For example, in public clouds, users have an urgent need for automation in the configuration and in the adaptation of their cloud networking. CloudWeaver enables this. With CloudWeaver, users can easily program and orchestrate their networking today,” Vicat-Blanc wrote in a blog post.

Lyatiss is the brainchild of four Ph.D. students and relocated to the U.S. last spring, and has since raised $4 million in series A funding. Lyatiss customers include cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) users, Dev/Ops and their providers.

With CloudWeaver, users are able to have greater awareness into the factors impacting their cloud deployment, and offers tools that allow the network to automatically and dynamically adapt to cloud application needs.

“Software defined networking is not sufficient to address the predictability and performance issues encountered in current cloud applications, nor can it meet the need for infrastructure differentiation and software control. Instead, evolving to a complementary ADN solution, like CloudWeaver, will be required,” Vicat-Blanc said in a statement.

The capabilities of CloudWeaver are designed to help ensure maximum availability, performance and differentiation for cloud-based applications.

ADN DefinedUnlike SDN, which focuses on controlling the forwarding of individual packets within the network infrastructure, ADN orchestrates application flows – or the actual sequences of information exchanged. ADN accelerates and streamlines the movement of data throughout the entire virtual infrastructure of each application. With ADN, applications can adapt their networking environments, using APIs, so that application delivery and performance across public and private cloud networks are optimized, without compromising application portability or security.

With CloudWeaver, Lyatiss said it offers the only ADN environment that focuses on programming and optimizing cloud applications’ virtual networked pool of resources to increase predictability and performance, while ensuring application uptime and optimizing operational efficiency.

Vicat-Blanc recently told MSP Today that the France-based startup sees difficulty with networking in the cloud when matters are elevated to the cloud stage, and is a infrastructure-as-a-service provider seeking a way to simplify the life of cloud users and cloud providers.

Edited by Brooke Neuman