MSP Today Expert Feature
January 24, 2013

alwaysON Joins intY CASCADE's List of Providers

alwaysON is on the right track, as it has joined intY CASCADE (News - Alert) list of service providers. intY’s CASCADE, a multi-application product and service eco-system, allows service providers to deliver combined products bundled together under one service level umbrella and bill, providing alwaysON with access to a range of products via a cloud aggregator model so it can meet the demand from its customers.

alwaysON, a Foresight Group company that specializes in hosted Microsoft (News - Alert) Lync for the Enterprise and mid-market sectors, can now select pre-made bundles from CASCADE, or design its own. It can then deliver them via the cloud, helping meet its customers’ demands quickly and affordably.

Thanks to intY (News - Alert), alwaysON can now bolster its application solutions quickly and cost-effectively, before delivering them via CASCADE and IntY’s go-to-market sales enablement and professional services. It can create and deliver service bundles to customers, while partners can design their own store of products and bundles.

“Using intY’s CASCADE platform we are able to deploy new services, along with the building blocks for new solutions and ensure they are tailored for our differing customer needs,” says James Byles, alwaysON’s managing director. “We are evaluating intY’s channel ecosystem to see how this could also benefit our clients and sectors, building on our current solution set and focusing on the growth of our business. The solution from intY is compelling and its strategic direction fits well with our intent. It’s the right time to be joining CASCADE in such a critical period of its expansion in the market place.”

Given the variety of services that alwaysON can deliver through CASCADE, joining the network was a great move. CASCADE has a wide range of possibilities, from vendor bundles to an assortment of hand-picked products and solutions, and they’re sure to meet the needs of alwaysON’s customers.

Edited by Rich Steeves