MSP Today Expert Feature
January 24, 2013

ITsavvy and X4 Solutions Partner to Provide Managed Print Services

ITsavvy and X4 Solutions will partner together to expand print services to more users. The mutually beneficial agreement expands ITsavvy’s consumer-based while allowing X4 Solutions’ customers access to more print features.

“We are very excited to expand our partnership with X4 by offering savvyPrint to their network of partners. One of our top priorities is savvyPrint, so this opportunity to bring it to a larger number of clients is electrifying,” said Chris Kurpeikis, vice president, sales for ITsavvy. “Our partnership with X4 is over six years old and this shows the trust they have put in us and savvyPrint.”

ITsavvy was founded in 2004 as a B2B Computer Products company. Since it’s formation, it has become one of the fastest growing businesses of its type. Since changing its name to ITsavvy, the company took on more projects and began offering over one million products to business-to-business resellers. In the eight years since formation, the company has expanded its footprint in the market by developing 46 distribution centers nationwide.

ITsavvy offers everything from IT products and engineered solutions to managed services and cloud solutions. The company partnered up with X4 six years ago to merge both companies’ strengths. X4 Solutions offers management services for third party vendors such as fleet management, remote monitoring, problem remediation, and auto fulfillment.

Together, the companies will offer print services to both sets of users, allowing clients to take advantage of cutting edge savvyPrint management services.

“We think the savvyPrint offering from ITsavvy will be a great fit for our sales partners and their customers. The solution provides a perfect way to start offering managed services on a suite of products that we all have familiarity with,” said Curt Allen, president of X4 Solutions. “Whether helping our sales partners open the door to new prospects or increasing revenue in their existing base, managed print will be a great addition to our portfolio.”

Edited by Rich Steeves