MSP Today Expert Feature
January 22, 2013

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Combined with SolidFire Storage to Create Improved Offering

Flexiant, an international provider of cloud orchestration software, and SolidFire, which delivers high performance data storage systems for cloud service providers, today announced the creation of a combined solution that integrates the latter's all-SSD storage system with the former's Cloud Orchestrator. This combined solution allows customers to build cloud service offerings that are both high quality and cost effective.

More specifically, this integration of products allows for granular provisioning of storage performance (IOPS) and capacity across the SolidFire cluster on a per volume basis from within the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator console. As such, the combined capabilities of the two companies helps to address three common issues encountered in managing cloud infrastructure: consistent performance, provisioning flexibility and management automation.

Indeed, the pairing of SolidFire's storage performance and quality of service with Flexiant's reliable, feature-rich management software offers service providers ready-to-use cloud infrastructure.

"SolidFire has addressed the problems of delivering predictable multi-tenant cloud storage in a way that existing storage systems cannot," said Tony Lucas, product champion and founder of Flexiant, in a statement. "The SolidFire / Flexiant integration gives customers the storage system to be a high-performance leader, and the orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. This combination will enable cloud services providers to gain a competitive business edge through differentiated service offerings."

This partnership makes a lot of sense as both Flexiant and SolidFire were founded to address the issues encountered by companies that use legacy tools to deliver cloud services. However, while Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator was developed to solve cloud management issues, SolidFire aimed to tackle the unique storage challenges faced in a multitenant cloud infrastructure.

In December, SolidFire appointed three new executive positions: RJ Weigel as president, John Hillyard as chief financial officer and Tom Pitcher as vice president of SolidFire International.

In November, Flexiant was named a trendsetter among nine vendors evaluated in the cloud management market by Info-Tech Research Group, ranking highest in terms of usability, affordability, architecture and strategy.

Edited by Brooke Neuman