Sterling Data Services Offers Cloud Backup to MSPs, IT Consulting Firms

By David Delony

It’s a sad fact of life in the technology industry that it’s not a matter of if a storage device fails, but when. For businesses that rely on data stored in cloud systems, failures not only cause inconvenience, but also cost money, both in terms of lost productivity and lost data.

Sterling Data Systems, a Scottsdale, AZ-based company, offers cloud backup storage to MSPs and IT consulting firms.

“Most small and medium sized businesses lack the IT budget to afford dedicated staff members with data backup experience to select, implement and manage an automated backup solution. Leaving data exposed to natural disasters, theft or corruption is not an option. The most affordable solution is working with a cloud backup service provider,” Sterling CEO Jim Morand said. “We give our IT consultant and MSP partners the chance to help the business clients they already have stay protected and in compliance with the many data protection rules and regulations.”

Research firm Gartner expects cloud computing usage to grow by 61 percent of the next five years, making data reliability all the more important.

The company hopes to make cloud backup simpler for companies that have been holding off. Sterling has no restrictions on the amount of data that can be stored. In addition to the cloud backup, a local copy of the data is kept on-site for easy retrieval if needed. A local client continually backs up data to Sterling’s systems as long as it has an Internet connection.

Amounts of data can be large, but the client only sends the changes, or deltas, to the system for efficiency. The backup system will send a daily report to administrators of what has been backed up.

The data is double encrypted and meets a number of important government standards, including HIPPA, SOX and State Bar.

Sterling Data Storage is available as a white-labeled application that MSPs and IT firms can customize with their own logos, building their own brands.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

Contributing Writer

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