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What is a Network Functions Platform?
The Network Functions Platform is designed to provide enterprises, as well as MSPs and CSPs, with a seamless migration path towards NFV.

Facing IT's Headwinds: Increasing Difficulty for IT to Quantify Value to the Enterprise
No matter what realm you reside in-IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, or IT Business Management (or if you oversee it all)-tools exist for you to document and quantify the value you bring to the enterprise.

MSPs, What's Holding You Back? Overcoming Common Barriers to Growth
Moving up the stack from basic IT support to a full-fledged MSP isn't necessarily an easy transition. There will inevitably be a number of obstacles to overcome along the way. The three most common issues today's MSPs struggle with require a shift in…

Fast Growing Startup? Consider Outsourcing Your IT
For startups that don't have the resources or staff to handle these tasks, let alone stay up-to-date with the latest technology, partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) that offers round-the-clock support to manage their overall IT infrastru…

Environment Monitoring is Essential to Offering Business Continuity for MSPs
What too many businesses don't realize is that nearly 30 percent of all downtime they'll experience is due to environment factors. Data loss, intrusion, and hard drive failure are all top of mind, however, environment factors are just as likely to im…

When FDE Isn't An Appropriate Data Security Solution
Full disk encryption, true to its name, functions by encrypting all data on a disk, effectively wrapping it in protection that renders all data unreadable until credentials are entered and access is granted. But this popular method is actually often …

Why Cablecos Are Uniquely Positioned to Deliver Business Services
The big cable TV companies that expanded over the years to offer a variety of communications services have been pursuing the business sector for some time by adding to their existing residential networks. This strategy has provided double-digit growt…

Schools and Municipalities Cut Costs During Budget Woes by Switching to UC
Budgeting issues, outdated systems, natural disasters-all are challenges that school systems and municipalities around the country face. Connecticut is no different. The recent budget crisis has left local schools and cities around the state without …

6 Questions to Help IT Managers Keep Communications Systems Running at Peak Performance
Everyone knows the importance of stretching each dollar. That's especially true of non-profit enterprises trying to keep operating costs at a minimum. They need to ensure that their IT system investment runs at peak performance, ensuring secure, cons…

The Ransomware Epidemic: Tips for Beating the Bad Guys
Ransomware has become a global IT epidemic. In just the first quarter of 2016, ransomware victims paid out as much as $209M to cyber-criminals according to the FBI. This outrageous number, up from $24M in 2015, represents a serious assault on the IT …

The Paradigm Shift in the Mid-Level Market - Why executives are embracing the cloud and managed services
As executives consider their need for outsourcing partners and cloud applications based on these drivers, they naturally want to evaluate the return on investment (ROI). What they find is that the benefits of transitioning to the cloud and leveraging…

Got Monitoring Sprawl? Try Monitoring as a Service
The other option was to invest in a more robust monitoring solution, such as a software suite. These suites have larger feature sets, for sure, but are far from problem free. Deploying them can be a huge, expensive project. Then, once they're deploye…

How to Select the Right MSP Partner
The MSP space is a crowded field and will almost certainly get more crowded. With so many providers to choose from, companies often have a particular list of priorities when selecting an MSP, but many times they do not and it is up to the MSP to corr…

Calling All MSPs: You Need to Solve the Data Mobility Problem
Few groups are more familiar with these issues than MSPs, and few are more aware that working around the problem is no longer an option. By avoiding the common mistakes noted below and addressing data mobility head-on, you can knock down the obstacle…

Continuum and Accelo Integrate Platforms to Form Comprehensive Solution
Continuum, provider of a popular IT management platform, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Accelo to integrate its Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform with Continuum's popular IT Management platform. As a resu…

Market Shifts and More Cloud Consternation Abound in 2016
2016, like years before it, will welcome in a new era of IT, along with it will come massive business opportunities for MSPs. Here are four specific trends MSPs need to monitor to succeed in 2016.

Wheelings & Dealings: Sverica Capital Acquires MSP Synoptek as Company Prepares for Growth
California MSP Synoptek, which specializes in cloud hosting, disaster recovery and more, has been acquired by Sverica Capital Management. The move follows Synoptek's plans for aggressive growth as well as additional acquisitions to build out the comp…

Madison Advisors Predicts Rise of Hosted Communications Management
Madison Advisors provides both research and consulting services to enterprise clients in the communications management, digital communications delivery, and print markets. Its latest report, "CCM Hosted Managed Services: Changing the Paradigm in Cust…

MSPs Provide Welcome Relief to Busy Manufacturing IT Departments
The manufacturing industry faces some unique challenges, particularly when it comes to keeping IT systems and networks running efficiently and smoothly. Logicalis US specializes in handling core IT management responsibilities for companies throughout…

Choosing Midmarket Video as a Service
To maintain productivity and a competitive advantage, many IT managers are turning to the cloud and its many options. What these IT managers are quickly finding out is that there is a wide range of cloud services, support options and even types of cl…

3 Tips to Help MSPs Embrace - And Thrive On - Technology Change
Here are three ways MSPs can help their teams embrace change and stay ahead of the technology curve.

ADTRAN Rolls Out ProCloud Analytics for MSPs and Enterprises
ADTRAN is aiming to help its managed service provider (MSP), carrier and enterprise customers capitalize on the power of analytics with its new ProCloud Analytics offering.

How to Choose a Cloud Managed Services Broker
More and more IT leaders agree that the cloud is a powerful platform to improve business agility. However, it is critical that cloud services are managed properly. Netfast's Steve Malone lays out the three most important concerns for any business see…

The Channel Pro's Checklist for a Winning Partnership
Whether you're starting out as a new business, considering a shift in your approach, or growing your established organization, it's imperative to build customer and partner relationships rooted in trust and strength.Here are four tips to help establi…

Five 'Must Haves' for MSPs Developing an Integrated Security and Management Solution
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) walk a tightrope every day when it comes to running their businesses: They must be on the constant lookout for new ways to meet their customers' evolving technology needs, while evaluating the likelihood that they can…

MSPs Have to Sell More Than Their Services to Promote DRaaS
The ongoing shift to managed IT services has resulted in the increased availability of services that businesses previously considered beyond their grasp. Whether it's an application a business couldn't afford to replicate to a separate site or greate…

Modernizing Enterprise Security & Management with Agentless Software
Staying one step ahead of security threats and effective systems management is serious business, especially for enterprise IT managers who are tasked with maintaining system and data integrity for multiple endpoints in multiple locations. There are p…

The Shortfalls of Large Cloud Service Providers
In the age of the cloud, everything is up for change. The growing demand for cloud services is not only redefining the technology landscape, it's reshaping channel operations and disrupting traditional structures. And while big companies such as Amaz…

The MSP Industry in 2015: Navigating the Changes on the Horizon
Managed Service Providers will benefit from a sea of changes in the small to medium business (SMB) sector, according to survey responses from MSPs across various industries. The following identified trends will present new opportunities as 2015 progr…

Cloud vs Terrorists, Tyrants, Criminals and Hackers
Data security is a must, but it's not like air. Your data will likely die without it, but it hasn't evolved to the point where you won't notice it. The cloud and its dizzying array of tools will only save your aaS (pun intended) if you leverage it.

Optimizing Your O365 Game
The cloud is delivering greater flexibility and more options to MSPs and enterprises than ever before. As a result, organizations are eagerly signing up for services like O365, Dropbox, OneDrive and that enable their end users and employees t…

Amazon's 1 Million Lemmings
WARNING: This whole article is my opinion. The point is to ruffle your feathers enough to make you go out and ask the relevant questions - trust no one and find out the facts for yourself. Otherwise, you might just be a human Lemming, doing "business…

The Rise of Wholesale Cloud Services
As MSPs know, the growth of the Cloud has had a major impact on the IT service industry. It has caused many to re-evaluate the services they offer, and some to jump into the Cloud with both feet by adding cloud services to their portfolio.

Five Questions to Ask When Considering Managed Mobility Services
The increasing use of mobile devices and apps is claiming an increasing share of enterprise IT spending, as indicated by a Forrester survey published in February 2013. Thirty-seven percent of surveyed global IT executives and technology decision-make…

The Benefits of Cloud Services for SMBs
The cloud is a game changer. Cloud services let organizations automate time-consuming and repetitive IT tasks, access real-time operational information and have easy remote access to business data and programs. Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2016, cl…

Cloud: Nothing In A Box Ever Rocks!
Unless you're a dreaded cube dweller with no hope in sight of ever escaping the maze, then having resources in an office (whose infrastructure includes everything from power to security), bandwidth is no match for a "real" cloud - then it's really no…

The Cloud Gold Rush - Is On!
Cloud has matured over the last 5 years and so has the perception around its value. Distributors, resellers, telecom carriers, managed service providers, professional service teams, global enterprises, SMBs, and even individual consumers, are all clo…

Cloud CTO Rant: Everything I Hate About Cloud
The cloud is anything but boring. Like everything in humanity, the spectrum of talent runs the gambit insofar that the maxim, "It doesn't take all types, we just have all types," is just as true in the online world as in real time. So, no matter how …

Carousel Better Serves Vertical Industries with Strengthened Mobility Partnerships
MSP and UC solution provider, Carousel Industries, is strengthening its portfolio by enhancing its SmartPoint offering and expanding its partnerships with both Juniper Networks and Aruba Networks. The announcement comes one month after the service pr…

Private Cloud Reigns: 11 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Vendor
The thaw that we reported on a while back has materialized and is helping fuel this growth, resulting in huge demand from enterprises - large and small - for private cloud collaboration solutions.

Following a Dramatic Winter, Now is the Time to Assess Disaster Preparedness for your Business
The record-breaking winter storms in 2014 caused massive headaches for businesses of all sizes, and many companies found themselves dealing with large weather events over and over again. According to the Insurance Information Institute and data from …

Why 2014 is (Finally!) THE Year for Desktops As A Service (DAAS)
It took years of trying and failing, but the vast majority of enterprise customers finally get the joke: Private cloud is a myth. The top clouds today are run by warlords who dominate a digital landscape

5 Things You Must Do When Supplementing Your Team With Managed Services
There has never been a more important time for IT managers to seek the assistance of outside partners.

Five Things You Must Do When Supplementing Your Team With Managed Services
There has never been a more important time for IT managers to seek the assistance of outside partners.

StratITSphere Partners with Arrow Electronics on Cloud Services Platform for MSPs and VARs
StratITSphere Data Center Solutions is expanding into the cloud services space through a new partnership with Arrow Electronics. The move is designed to give MSPs, VARs and system integrators a simple way to deploy cloud services via Arrow's ArrowSph…

MSPs Must Grasp IT Lifecycle to Become True Partners
Managed service providers (MSPs) are playing an increasingly vital role in the delivery of technology services across all industry sectors. Customers seek out MSP solutions for a variety of reasons, but when businesses select a vendor, the decision i…

Cloud vs. Enterprise: Bye, Bye VDI; Hello DaaS
After patting ourselves on the back for virtualizing every server in sight, it was only natural to catch virtualization fever. Once afflicted, the logic that everything must be virtualized set in. The usual suspects, VMware and Citrix, were the vendo…

Alien Technology: How Cloud Is Killing the Enterprise
Cloud makes everything look easy. The last three years have seen an exponential explosion of technology innovation, including advances in maximum 1u and 2u server density, infinite storage scalability, ultra-low latency networking performance, platin…

Multi-Tenancy: Extending from the Managed Service Provider Arena to the Enterprise
In the Managed Service Provider arena, multi-tenancy is becoming increasingly popular. More and more, MSP's are starting to use converged infrastructures to support multiple customers on one integrated platform.

Number 3 Web Hoster Has Rocking 2013 moved from the fourth largest hoster to the third and wants to crow about this and other 2013 accomplishments. In fact the company wants the kind of name recognition of Amazon, Rackspace, Verizon Terremark and other known Internet vendors.

Customizing Your Data Integration Order
If the growing complexity of data integration in a data centric architecture is the catalyst for change, then it also may be the bonding agent that makes mass customization stick. Just as customizing a drink order at Starbucks takes more time to deli…

Virtacore Wants You as Partner in Hot IaaS Market
Are you an MSP looking to sell a hot IaaS service based on VMware? Well, Virtacore may have a new reseller program custom built for you.

OpenStack Gains Efficiency Through IBM Scheduler
The OpenStack cloud platform is gaining increasing traction, and as open source can be an efficient way for managed service and other providers to deploy clouds. The cheaper an MSP can set up a cloud, the more competitive the offering.

Awesome Cloud Services Aims at MSPs in 2014
Awesome Cloud Services' New Year's resolution is to redouble its efforts in the channel, and in particular go after MSPs. The 15-year-old cloud provider offers services on a white label basis so MSPs can brand them as their own.

A Managed Services Sales and Marketing Primer
Managed Services aren't always easily understood, and therefore can be tough to sell. Add to that the fact that many MSPs have more tech than business savvy and you have a real problem. But MSPs also tend to be smart, so learning about sales and mark…

Backup Pricing May Never be the Same
Backup, as it moves to the cloud, changes insofar as how it is licensed. Instead of buying packaged software and a bunch of disks, the cloud ushers in usage and subscription-based pricing. While the CAPEX is now nearly naught, IT shops aren't always …

MSPs Must Move Off Break-Fix to Prosper
CompTIA knows a thing about MSPs; after all, hundreds of them are members of this non-profit organization. And it knows MSPs have to keep up with the times or be left in dust. Part of this is getting away from the break-fix hamster wheel and bui…

Nasuni Uses Cloud to Drive Massive Storage Consolidation
On-premises backup is expensive, complex and a bear to manage. To be safe, you need multiple layers of backup, what EMC calls Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), and every one of these tiers need to be built and maintained. Large enterprises ofte…

CliQr Unveils Updated CloudCenter with IT-as-a-Service
Thousands of AWS fans, customers and third parties are in Las Vegas this week for the AWS: reinvent show. Cloud migration vendor CliQr is there as well, and today announced a new version of its CloudCenter platform that now features IT-as-a-Servic…

Everyone Agrees: Cloud Security is Red Hot
IT shops seeking the value of the cloud are shelling out big bucks to make sure their applications and data are all safe, and this is driving the cloud security market to new heights.

Cloud Storage Gains Twists, Turns and Market Share
The cloud storage market is arguably the hottest area among MSPs, service providers and customers today.

A Japanese Cloud Invasion
The cloud is an international market, one that Japan clearly wants a bigger piece of. So, today, October 28th, NTT Communications shelled out some $880 million to take over two US-based cloud concerns.

Mobile Management Market Matures with New Offerings
The mobile management space, including mobile device management (MDM) is relatively young, just like the mobile devices they are counted on to take care of. But these areas are maturing as the technologies get better and vendor choices widen.

Kaseya Gives Partners Complete View of Cloud and On-Premises Services
Kaseya is hoping to give MSPs a deeper service-centric view of customer networks, regardless of where the infrastructure lies, be it traditional on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid.

Virtual Desktops Ace Higher Ed Test
Virtual Bridges, which offers desktop as a service (DaaS) and VDI, says its technology is just the ticket for device-laden college kids - and the schools that have to support them.

Death of Nirvanix Has Cloud Backup Rivals Licking Their Chops
If you go to the Nirvanix website, you'd think this company was at the top of its game. Not just business as usual, but this outfit is positively flying - the company is bragging about glowing reports from Gartner and Forrester. And its investors inc…

Virtual Backup Bottleneck Solved by Vendor Trio
A trio that includes a virtual storage software maker, a storage hardware vendor and an IT service provider all joined forces to help a private school for boys sort out its storage woes.

Q&A: Busting Through Backup Bottleneck
IT service provider Concentus was called in to help a school client make sense of all its VM backups. MSP Today reached out to Fernando Sabio, CCNA, Principal, Concentus to find out more by posing 11 questions.

LabTech CEO Talks MSP Deals and Technologies
MSP Today was spending so much time covering LabTech, we figured it was time for a good old fashioned CEO sit down. Matt Nachtrab was happy to oblige, and answered 11 questions on everything from RMMs to partnering and acquisitions.

What if MSPs Ran Most of IT?
Jon Tonti, writing for, wonders out loud (actually, onscreen) what would happen if MSPs ran the bulk of enterprise computing. It is a similar question to what if the bulk of enterprise computing moved to the cloud, which is a mo…

Managed Mobility Services Too Young for True Leaders, Gartner Says
Usually when Gartner does a Magic Quadrant analysis of a market, there are at least a handful of leaders. Managed Mobility Services (not to be confused with Mobile Device Management) is so new that not a single vendor made it into the leader's portio…

Twin Studies Issue Storage Marching Orders to MSPs
Two storage vendors this week released studies about storage that not only give MSPs results to chew on, but also offer them solid direction.

Channel Vet Sees Love Blooming Between MSPs and Integrators
Larry Walsh has been covering the channel long enough to know a thing or two (or three). Now Walsh is seeing a trend, a deep and abiding love growing between large integrators and managed service providers.

GFI Finds MSP Vendor Loyalty Far Less Than Perfect
MSPs usually buy a service from one vendor, add management and resell it to clients. For it all to work, the underlying technology has to be good and the price low enough to make a profit.

Savvis Floats Virtual Data Center in the Cloud
Savvis last week shipped its Savvis Cloud Data Center, a new service based on Cisco's Unified Data Center and VMware vCloud Director 5.1 that supports hybrid clouds.

LabTech Reaches 3,250 Partners
Recently I've been writing a lot about LabTech, new products, new MSP programs, and new partnerships in particular.

Fastest Managed Hoster on Earth? Try HOSTING
There are lots of elements to choosing a managed hosting provider. But even if the hoster has nine out of 10 of your most important elements pegged, bad performance could crush your hopes.

Q&A with Orange Business Services: Exec Talks Mobile
TMC recently got Remy David, head of the Mobility Business Unit for Orange Business Services, to tackle some questions about the implementation of MobileIron, which is now driving Orange's Device Management Premium.

MobileIron and Orange Business Solutions Tackle Managed Fleet Services
When Orange Business Services wanted to boost its fleet management service, it turned to MobileIron, which now drives Orange's Device Management Premium. This service is designed for large fleets, those with over 300 units, and manages all the smartp…

EarthLink Loses Money, Buys MSP Anyhow
Earthink lost gobs of money last quarter, but the Frost & Sullivan poster child for great IT services spent $22 million to buy MSP CenterBeam anyway.

Research House View of EarthLink IT Services Anything But Frosty
It's nice to be noticed, so EarthLink must be positively glowing over a recent report from Frost & Sullivan that gushes over the ISPs transformation of its IT services.

independenceIT Crafts Artisan Infrastructure IaaS Collaboration
independenceIT, all on its own, makes its fair share of MSP news. But it doesn't always hog the limelight, half the time I cover this outfit they are talking about partners.

Masergy Beyond Bullish on its MSP and Cloud Business
Dallas-based service provider Masergy has a Texas-size dose of braggadocio. The company recently unrolled a list of accomplishments that would make a beauty contestant pale in comparison. One feather clogging Masergy's cap is the successful buy an…

Cloud Backup: MSPs Flush with Choice, Part 3
Okay, so now you know that GFI, TwinStrata, CTERA and Asigra all love D2D2C and hope to replace tape. Well, business continuity vendor Datto feels the exact same way.

Cloud Backup: MSPs Flush with Choice, Part 2
Today's IT shops are most often a mixture of physical and virtual servers. That created a bit of a backup dilemma. Do you buy a dedicated technology specially built for VMs such as tools from Veeam and have two backup packages, or go with a vendor --…

Cloud Backup: MSPs Flush with Choice
It's no secret that consumer storage is floating fast up to the cloud. Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive and endless Carbonite TV commercials tell us that.

MSPs Shouldn't Pass the Password Buck
A study sponsored by the marketer of password management software, by definition, isn't the most independent research in the world. But I've seen hundreds of these sponsored studies and the data is usually pretty good. It is hard to get researchers t…

MSP Marketing 101: Q&A with GFI MAX's Chris Martin
MSP Today interviewed GFI MAX's Chris Martin to discuss the vital role marketing plays for MSPs, and ways that MSPs can improve their marketing exposure and strategies to increase their business.

For Many MSPs, M Should Stand for Marketing
You could have the greatest service in the history of the managed world, but if no one knows about it, it's all for nothing. Marketing can make that awesome service a force to be reckoned with.

Cenzic Talks Managed Security
MSP Today reached out to Bala Venkat, chief marketing officer at Cenzic, to find out more about pressing managed security issues.

Cenzic Bolsters Application Security Service
Where commercial companies like Microsoft add security in from the start, and then patch like crazy afterwards, custom corporate apps are often like the Wild West, plenty of danger and precious little protection. Cenzic is one of those security MS…

Against the Trend: What Cloud Service Providers Need to Change
The sheer mass of users utilizing the cloud to store data increases daily as cloud computing continues to span the scope of online services. With this emerging trend, new changes in big data infrastructure are giving service providers the opportunity…

Cyber Defense as a Service: A Conversation with Verdasys
Verdasys last week announced a managed service to prevent cyber attacks. MSP Today talked to Michael Parrella, Verdasys' director of operations for managed services, about the managed option.

Repel Cyber Threats the Managed Services Way
Cyber threats are a real and growing problem. The only reason we don't hear more about it is companies are afraid to admit they've been compromised, while attacks on government systems are kept secret in the interest of national security.

Interop Vegas Travelogue: MSP News in Spades, Part 4
This is the fourth and final installment of my tour of innovative companies that were present at Interop Las Vegas. Let's check out the last (but not least) group!

Interop Vegas Travelogue: MSP News in Spades, Part 3
This is the third piece in my series chronicling the companies I met at Interop Las Vegas, with a special focus on their innovations in the MSP arena. I think you'll find this group as interesting as I did.

Interop Vegas Travelogue: MSP News in Spades, Part 2
Yesterday, you read the first installment in my series of articles outlining my adventures at Interop Las Vegas. Without further ado, here are more of the standout companies I saw at this year's show and their MSP plays.

Interop Vegas Travelogue: MSP News in Spades, Part 1
First, nearly everyone has an MSP hook these days. In recent years everyone had a cloud hook. Now IT and vendors are looking for more from the cloud than raw services, simple applications, and slices of storage, all of which still need to be closely …

MSPs on the Rise, INSIGHT Reveals
With a name like INSIGHT Research, you better have something special to say, especially when you put the word insight in all caps. In its new "Managed Services in an IP World: Global Opportunities for Wireless and Wired Networks, 2013-2017" repor…

Most Important Apps Last to Move to Cloud
It makes intuitive sense that the most mission critical applications are slower to move to the cloud. The same is true of virtualization. What shop wants to virtualize or cloudify the apps their company relies on most unless they are 100 percent sure…

MSP Advises IT on Strategic Shifts to the Cloud
As a managed services provider using the cloud for delivery, it is in Stratalux's interest that IT shift from on-premises to cloud computing. But that does not mean it is not in IT's interest as well.

Managed Hoster Internap Scores Healthy First Quarter
Internap Network Services Corp. is in a ton of services businesses, including colocation and managed hosting, and today boasts some 3,700 customers. Business is pretty good this latest quarter across most of the boards, with first quarter 2013 revenu…

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, end users often enjoy using their own devices, mixing work functions with their own personal tools, apps, contacts and favorites.

SunGard Forges into Health Care Managed Services
Disaster recovery and business continuity MSP SunGard Availability Services is going after the health care market with a new partnership with Amerinet.

Seven Things MSPs Must Think About Now
Avaya, a hardware-centric spinoff of Lucent, knows a few things about the communications market, and shared some trends it sees for the benefit of Managed Service Providers (MSP). Avaya didn't just run off at the mouth unprepared. Instead, it wen…

Managed Print: Prime Time for Channel Partners
Despite the moves to scanning, PDFs and tablet and smartphone computing, printing is still a very necessary enterprise evil. And keeping all these devices working and make efficient use of paper and toner resources is a job IT would often rather not …

Forrester: Cloud and SaaS Best Sold by Partners That Add Management
A new study by Forrester Research shows that partners are critical to the successful sales and deployment of cloud and software as a service (SaaS) products.

Twelve Questions for Cloud Identity Management
According to Gartner, by the end of 2014, IDaaS (Identity Management-as-a-Service) will account for 25 percent of all new IAM sales, compared to less than 5 percent in 2012. At the same time, the explosion of cloud-based apps is taking the enterprise…

Can Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) Cut Prices, Revolutionize MSP Services?
While there are thousands of telephony-based MSP services available, there could be more and prices could be far lower if Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) take hold.

Data Losses Clobber Unprepared SMBs
"Oops." That's the nicest word IT uses when hit by a crashed computer and the loss of data. A recent survey by SpiceWorks of 1,000 SMB shops shows the extent of the problem.

The Case for Access Control
For years, IT Security has been managed according to principles set long ago. Those principles stated that the good people were on the inside, the bad people were on the outside and we put a firewall in between them to keep them apart and keep us sec…

Cisco Invests in a Firm that Could Put it Out of Business
If we were to ask what Cisco's biggest business is, you'd likely say routers. But the networking giant is investing in a startup that hopes to put Cisco routers to shame.

Amazing Facts of Application in Cloud Computing Hosting and Security
For nearly a decade, the advanced technology of cloud computing has helped transform the ways companies like mine conduct business. With a heavy emphasis on increasing workers' productivity, and virtualizing the business platform, cloud computing has…

Evernote Security Breach an Epic Fail and an Opportunity for Managed Service Providers
The e-mail arrived rather casually with all the other bulk messages I get each day from cloud services. But as I read and mentally processed the subject line, I stopped in my tracks. Evernote (News - Alert) had been hacked.

Clear the Smoke: MSPs Gain Clarity in the Cloud
Let's be honest, it's confusing out there in the world of cloud computing. There are a few large vendors with literally hundreds of SKUs that are impossible to understand or navigate. Amazon and Rackspace have created a lot of confusion with their la…

In Cloud We Trust
Moving IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud is becoming more commonplace as businesses realize the benefits - from lower capex to the flexibility and scalability - and become more comfortable with the technology. Yet, despite the positives…

Microsoft's Azure Outperforms Amazon S3 in Performance Test
For those considering cloud storage, it can be difficult to ascertain which vendor provides the best performance, since they all claim to be the greatest. As Microsoft and Amazon continue to wage their ever-enduring battle to come out on top as the l…

Wireless Mobility Management: Six Questions to Ask
In the past, the idea of outsourcing telecom and IT infrastructure management was a scary thought for many companies. There were security concerns, worries about staff augmentation, and the perception that it would be too expensive. Managed Service P…

Global Cloud Market to Reach $43.5B in 2018
Driven by the demand for personal cloud services, the global personal cloud market is forecast to grow from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $43.5 billion in 2018, according to a new report. The prediction represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) o…

How Cloudy Will Oracle Get with its (Pending) Acme Packet Acquisition?
Everyone wants to get into cloud services these days. Could Oracle's purchase of Acme Packet lead to its Session Border Controller (SBC) appearing in the cloud as a managed service? Oracle certainly has all the pieces necessary to deliver a telec…

Enterprises Focused on Building Internal Clouds
Nearly half of today's enterprises have internal cloud projects planned for 2013, as many remain skeptical as to whether or not they can actually save money by using the public cloud, according to a new study. TheInfoPro, a service of 451 Research…

Innovative Green Technologies Like Flywheels Provide Efficiencies, Cost Savings for MSPs, Their Customers
For Oregon managed service provider (MSP) EasyStreet Online Services, keeping up with and implementing the latest green technologies is part of its business plan. The company, which provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service to SMEs, offers a wide range of…

Growth of Enterprise Cloud Expected to Slow Over Next Five Years
While cloud adoption continues to climb, the growth market for enterprise cloud-based services is expected to decrease over the next five years as the size of the overall cloud services market expands. The worldwide market for enterprise cloud-bas…

FOR MSP TODAY Firemon Experiences 100 Percent Growth In Revenue Over 2012
Firemon, a provider of security management and risk assessment solutions, has announced that it has had the best performance in its history.

Datalliance Experiences Strong Growth in 2012
Datalliance, a provider of collaborative commerce services, announced that it had strong key growth metrics for 2012.

SilverSky Makes New Email Protection Suite Available as SaaS
SilverSky announced on Wednesday the release of its new Email Protection Suite (EPS) that is the first of its kind in the email security industry. The new solution is fully integrated and built on a single cloud management platform, providing organiz…

NEC Inks Deal for Cloud Backup with Vaultize
NEC India has announced that it is teaming up with Vaultize, a provider of cloud storage solutions, to offer cloud backup, sharing and mobility applications.

2013 Forecast: Increasing Complexity Drives Growth in Cloud, Data Integration and Managed Services
As the complexity of business environments continues to increase, so too does the demand for the integration of disparate systems across the organization. The demand for increased integration brings challenges of its own, however, especially around d…

The Race for Premium Services in the Cloud
Up until now, cloud adoption by organizations has been rapid, yet constrained. Organizations have chosen to transfer data and processes of relatively little risk to the cloud and correspondingly have derived relatively modest business benefits.

Hosting Provider Intermedia to Acquire MSP and Cloud Services Provider Telanetix
A $55 million deal that signifies a major step in uniting the managed service provider (MSP) and cloud services spaces was announced today. Third-party Microsoft Exchange hosting provider Intermedia has entered into a definitive merger agreement to a…

Oracle Launches On-Premise IaaS with Managed Cloud Services Option
Moving deeper into the ever-burgeoning cloud space, Oracle has launched its Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) with Capacity on Demand service.

Small and Medium Businesses Look to MSPs for Business Continuity Planning
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are an absolute must for businesses operating in the state of Florida. Hurricanes, tropical storms and other unforeseen weather or other events can severely impact how a business operates, bringing i…

Data Center MSP Datalink Adds Virtual Data Center Services to Managed Offerings
Datalink has expanded its managed services portfolio with unified monitoring and managed infrastructure services for virtual data centers (VDCs). The company, a provider of data center infrastructure and services, has added the solutions to help opti…