Boldy Defending Businesses: Huntress Secures $150M in Series D Funding to Strengthen its Security Capabilities

Boldy Defending Businesses: Huntress Secures $150M in Series D Funding to Strengthen its Security Capabilities

By Alex Passett

“The digital frontier: vast and ever-expanding.

Across it, voyages of the MSP enterprise.

The ongoing mission: to explore and secure modern networks,

to seek out and neutralize emerging threats,

to boldly defend the backbone of the global economy!”

Readers, I must confess: I am a ride-or-die Trekkie at heart, as is my mother. Heck, my brother was even named after the character Jean-Luc Picard.

“But why tie in MSPs to Roddenberry’s iconic sci-fi opener?” some may wonder.

Well, read again that last line – “to boldly defend the backbone of the global economy” – that sounds like a real wallop of an undertaking; developing robust offerings and hammering away at bad actors’ malicious attempts to compromise businesses is a lot, but many MSPs are indeed up to the task.

One prominent voice in this space?


Put simply, Huntress deploys managed detection and response (MDR) solutions for endpoints and identities. Powered by custom-built technology specifically for SMBs (and the expert analysts of its 24/7 Security Operations Center), Huntress is hunting for the best-possible approaches to transformative cybersecurity.

To secure the backbone of the global economy, if you will.

That’s why Huntress-related news that dropped just earlier this morning is quite a big deal:

Huntress now closed a $150 million Series D funding round, a highly significant milestone that “will power cutting-edge endpoint, identity, cloud, and SaaS security research alongside strategic acquisitions—reinforcing Huntress’ commitment to fortify the critical businesses that comprise the backbone of the global economy,” the official announcement stated.

This successful funding round, led by Kleiner Perkins, Meritech Capital and existing investor Sapphire Ventures, speaks to the company’s high-in-demand Huntress Managed Security Platform, which features fully autonomous capabilities for supporting underserved markets and SMBs before cybercriminals leave their mark. Thus, this investment is set to further strengthen the ways in which Huntress protects vulnerable organizations, helping them stave off intrusions and minimize undue downtime and costs therein.

“Everyone deserves he ability to protect themselves and their employees’ livelihoods,” affirmed Kyle Hanslovan, Huntress co-founder and CEO. “This is the ‘why’ that supercharges my team to work around the clock and democratize access to the tools and talent typically built for the enterprise. I’m pumped to double-down with Sapphire and add two high-caliber firms, Kleiner Perkins and Meritech Capital, to the fight, as this capital will directly help us continue wrecking hackers and elevating the world’s critical businesses and their managed service provider allies.”

Everett Randle of Kleiner Perkins also chimed in, speaking to the impressive growth trajectory that Huntress is putting on display.

“From our very first meeting, it was clear that Kyle and the Huntress team had a profound understanding of and empathy for their customers and partners,” Randle explained. “Combined with their passion for building remarkable products, the team has created a rapidly growing cybersecurity platform supported by a large & fiercely loyal community. We’re thrilled to support the team as they accelerate their ability to innovate & ship products that serve this historically neglected market.”

We’ll keep a close eye on Huntress’ path forward, and will update when new stories arise.

And in line with MDR, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention endpoint detection and response (EDR), too. In fact, there’s an upcoming webinar that will dissect the ins and outs of different EDR and MDR solutions for those with less technical experience. Even for those unseasoned, every business deserves reliable, bolstered protections.

Learn more about the webinar and consider registering here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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