Kalibr8 2.0 Ushers in New Standard for MSP Cloud and IT Optimization

Kalibr8 2.0 Ushers in New Standard for MSP Cloud and IT Optimization

By Reece Loftus

As an MSP, it is crucial to focus on maximizing the added value of your managed cloud services proposition. With the number of companies habitually adopting new cloud technologies increasing, the cloud has become a rapidly growing sector that presents a significant opportunity for MSPs. By embracing and delivering managed cloud services to their clients, MSPs can set themselves apart from conventional reseller models, tap into a huge growth market, and expand their revenue streams.

Cloud computing technology has become vital for organizations across every industry, but constant adoption has simultaneously led to an overreliance and many cases of runaway cloud spending. As reported by Gartner, worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is expected to reach $678.8 billion in 2024

This surge in cloud spending has become a chief concern for many companies with increasingly convoluted cloud infrastructures, grappling with their budgets as the innovative technology introduced to them fails to reach its full potential. For MSPs, the opportunity lies in optimizing these labyrinthine cloud infrastructures and accessing the full potential of the cloud for the client.

Kalibr8, specialists in efficient management and optimization of cloud resources for MSPs, have continually explored the potential of managed cloud services through a number of well-received product releases, including the Kalibr8 optimization platform.

"Our optimization platform is designed specifically for MSPs and two-tier distributors of cloud-based services," said Ben McGahon, founder and CEO. "We provide the only 100% channel-focused automated cost optimization SaaS platform in the market.

Recently, they exhibited their latest innovations during the annual Pax8 Beyond event, unveiling Kalibr8 2.0, accompanied by two flagship offerings, Navig8 and Illumin8. These enhancements aim to build on the success of their original platform, providing even more efficient management and optimization of cloud and IT resources for MSPs. Featuring advanced analytics, automated optimization, and fraud detection features, Kalibr8 seeks to empower MSPs with the capability to streamline their operations and maximize their clients' cloud investments.

"This major release, enriched by AI and Machine Learning techniques, allows our platform to implement ongoing policies and optimize cloud growth while controlling expenses in a completely automated manner." McGahon continued. "Simply by licensing Kalibr8 solutions, MSPs and their end customers can immediately reduce cloud spend 25%-60%."

Navig8 a unique tool designed for MSPs with a five-step process to create cost-saving projects for customers. Navig8 discovers decommissioning, rightsizing, reserved instance analysis, and optimization recommendations in minutes for customers, delivering a detailed report of potential or cost savings. With these tools, the MSP is constantly informed and can set parameters for the individual customer.

Illumin8 is a parallel, cloud-based analytics platform providing actionable financial and operational data and business insights to guide partners toward making better business decisions. With insights across all MSPs' customer Azure resources, Illumin8 uses the latest machine learning and AI techniques to deliver highly accurate and valuable financial and business insights.

"By leveraging our unique multi-tenant capability, MSPs can oversee, analyze, and manage cloud assets across multiple customer accounts and providers in a single pane of glass," McGahon continued. "This comprehensive approach to cloud optimization ensures that businesses can make strategic decisions regarding their cloud resources, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency."

By simplifying the often complex and time-consuming process of cloud administration, Kalibr8 ensures that MSPs can adequately meet the demands of multiple clients with consideration given to their specific requirements. By providing businesses with the tools to identify unmanaged resources and optimize resource allocation, Kalibr8 clients are sure to drive profitability, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable and successful future.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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