Versa Networks' ZTNA Solution Earns its Official Recommended Rating from CyberRatings

Versa Networks' ZTNA Solution Earns its Official Recommended Rating from CyberRatings

By Alex Passett

Receiving an official Recommend Rating from CyberRatings is, to put it one way, quite a big deal. Since CyberRatings – the non-profit member organization dedicated to real transparency and effectiveness of cybersecurity products and services – has become a renowned name when it cybersecurity. Currently, its ratings serve as an expert forecast when it comes to product and service capacity to meet both enterprise and consumer requirements. CyberRatings’ team has a combined, well-established proficiency which spans three decades, and it identifying the right solutions for the right circumstances only benefits industries’ needs.

This makes it a big deal, as mentioned, that the single-vendor Unified SASE specialists at Versa Networks have received a Recommend Rating by CyberRatings. Specifically, the Versa Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. Versa Networks passed all of the Authentication & Identity, Resource Access, Routing & Policy Enforcement, and TLS/SSL tests after CyberRatings conducted its independent testing of Versa’s Security Edge (SSE) and its ZTNA capabilities.

Below are the precise testing details on the CyberRatings tests that Versa Networks passed:

  • Authentication & Identity – Authentication and Identity are essential for justly securing a network and its users. ZTNA products need to support and identify all connections and users, along with verifying their authentication. In addition, per CyberRatings, ZTNA products need to prove they can apply necessary identity-aware policies, as well.
  • Resource Access – In a zero-trust environment, users may be provided limited access to data and applications based on their role, rather than having access to entire internal networks automatically. CyberRatings’ tested products must be able to remotely access applications in darknets, apply identity-based access control for networks, and restrict lateral movement within networks.
  • Routing & Policy Enforcement – ZTNA products CyberRatings evaluates must be able to securely route or forward traffic through cloud services via commonly accepted tunnel methods supported by routers and firewalls and/or via an agent deployed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. To verify that ZTNA products do consistently and effectively enforce network configuration policies, CyberRatings created a complex, real-world, multiple-zone configuration that supports many addressing modes, policies, and applications, and traffic – all tested at each level of complexity to ensure specified policies are enforced.
  • TLS/SSL tests – The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and its current iteration, Transport Layer Security (TLS), is now the norm, with over 77% of web traffic sent over HTTPS. To address the growing threat of focused attacks using the most common web protocols and applications, CyberRatings tests relevant ZTNA capabilities to detect attacks concealed by encryption and attacks against the encryption protocols themselves.

Overall, both CyberRatings and Versa Networks know that making informed decisions about ZTNA solutions is vital. CyberRatings tested for real-world interferences and the overall performance of what Versa Networks brought to the table, and everything was successful. Per CyberRatings, “Versa ZTNA delivered extremely high HTTP and HTTPS throughput across a range of packet sizes and connections per second, delivering an aggregate rated throughput of 930 Mbps.”

“We are pleased, but not surprised, to see that the Versa ZTNA has been validated and recommended by CyberRatings, passing every functional test and delivering extremely high performance,” said Dan Maier, Versa Networks CMO. “While SSE technology is not new to the market, many companies are trying to claim timely product leadership in the space, and security buyers often have a difficult time determining what level of performance and functionality they should expect from these solutions. Independent testing organizations such as CyberRatings that evaluate products under real-world conditions are vitally important to help clear away this confusion, and we are excited that this report shows that enterprises can rely on Versa when looking for a proven ZTNA solution.”

Speaking of, the full report can be found here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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