Fewer Noodles, More NaaS: Silicon Valley's Ramen Debuts RamenSN

Fewer Noodles, More NaaS: Silicon Valley's Ramen Debuts RamenSN

By Alex Passett

Silicon Valley-based network connectivity provider Ramen Inc. – founded by Partho Mishra, Sanjay Kasturia and Prashant Kumar – seeks to “offer a new paradigm” via managed wireless networks delivered as a service (Network-as-a-Service, or NaaS) in environments where blue collar workers, IoT devices, and even AI-powered assistants are performing mission-critical tasks, especially in rugged work areas. For Ramen, time spent waiting for legacy carrier-centric approaches (i.e. where enterprises have to wait years for a carrier to deploy nationwide) should be put behind us.

As Kasturia put it, “Ramen is enabling reliable connectivity in environments ranging from warehouses and fruit processing plants, unlocking real potential in these sectors. What we’re doing will enable optimized operations, as well as increases in productivity and workplace safety, ultimately contributing to the growth and advancement of the American economy.”

Ramen’s founding team has plenty of experience to make this a reality, too. Mishra was President and COO at Cumulus Networks (since acquired by NVIDIA) and was also the CEO at Rasa Networks (acquired by HPE Aruba) and both Vice President at Cisco and at Marvell. Kasturia developed two generations of Wi-Fi technology at Qualcomm, and before that he’d co-founded two semiconductor startups and even worked on Open RAN 5G ecosystem development at Facebook. And Kumar was Vice President and a co-founder at 128 Technology (acquired by Juniper) and Vice President of Technology at Acme Packet (acquired by Oracle).

It feels very relevant to keep the founding team’s histories in mind, given each of these individuals innovated at (and were recognized by) the, quote, “big-timers” (in terms of mega-sized industry names like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Oracle). It also feels relevant to describe where the company has been as this transitions into the news of where it’s headed.

Ramen recently publicly announced the general availability of its secure, wireless NaaS solution:


Ramen’s team uses a full stack approach, combining hardware, software, orchestration and monitoring to enable any company (with RamenSN) to leverage the benefits of highly reliable wireless networks for their internal operations. (Without having to wait, as mentioned, on the roadmaps of legacy carriers.) As with most modernization in 2023, this will allow companies’ teams to really focus on their core business while delegating network management and operation to Ramen’s experts.

With RamenSN, as its team describes, industry-powering Service Level Assurance (SLA) for enterprise network time is an ultra-reliable service, at that. Ramen can have an entire network up and running in just a few weeks’ time (with minimal lift required from the customer). And with Zero Trust Network Access, end-to-end encryption and authentication, and easy integration with the enterprise network security architecture, the goal of keeping modern network checklists simple is made even simpler.

“RamenSN is ready for mass deployment after almost two years of development and over six months of intensive usage at multiple customer locations,” said Mishra. "Our customers are already running their companies' mission-critical workflows day in and day out on their Ramen infrastructure.”

In addition to RamenSN for NaaS, Ramen is also developing operational analytics and compliance automation solutions to build out its platform.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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