Automated Cybersecurity Audit and Compliance Software Boost Bottom Lines

Automated Cybersecurity Audit and Compliance Software Boost Bottom Lines

By Bill Yates

A cyber audit specialist told attendees on the show room floor at ITEXPO 2023 just how automated cybersecurity audit and compliance software can boost their bottom lines.

Marc Rubbinnacio, senior compliance manager at SecureFrame, took the stage on the Solutions Theater to explain why MSPs should add SecureFrame to their roster of products they sell their clients.

It's another potential revenue stream for MSPs. The product is relatively new to the market. SecureFrame has been in business for just a couple years. According to Rubbinnacio, the benefits of partnering with SecureFrame include:

  • Streamlined deal management and support
  • Centralized account management
  • Secure trusted partner initiatives
  • More than 1,000 integrations, including DittoRMN.

"The typical audit process is long, hard and outdated," he said. "It's difficult to navigate if you don't have any cyber auditors on staff."

Rubbinnacio encouraged MSPs to begin talking with their clients about how they prepare for their cyber-security audits. "Secondly, you can get compliant yourself," he said. "Our "software makes getting audit way easier than in the past."

The goal is to pass the audit and gain the certificate by experiencing the least amount of pain possible. Once you're compliant, you can tout your certificate to customers, Rubbinnacio said. Hey, would you like one? Automating your cyber-audit compliance process enables:

  1. Increased ability to compete
  2. Faster scalability
  3. Reduced security risk.

Rubbinnacio says companies need to complete cyber audits to ensure data security and to comply with vendor requirements. The fully automated platform includes a security training module and templates with procedures and policies companies should follow to pass their audit, he said.

Any company that prepares their compliance services manually should consider SecureFrame, he said. Is your customer using manual processes to get ready for a cyber audit? According to Rubbinnacio, SecureFrame helps you develop and deploy cyber-security compliance standards dictated by:

  • Regulatory agencies
  • Privacy regulations
  • Department of Commerce (NIST)

"There are benefits to becoming compliant even if you don't need to," Rubbinnacio said. With a security compliance certificate in hand, "you can move upmarket a lot easier," he said.

SecureFrame's full risk-assessment platform provides you with access to penetration testing and verified auditing companies. Rubbinnacio says their third-party expert partners have been vetted for security and efficiency. With SecureFrame, you can:

  • Discover issues prior to an audit
  • Fix issues prior to an audit
  • Pull configuration data for compliance comparison.

SecureFrame is based in San Francisco and founded in 2020.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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