MSPs Have a Massive Opportunity in Cyber Security

MSPs Have a Massive Opportunity in Cyber Security

By Erik Linask

Across the tech landscape, there isn’t a hotter market than the managed services space. It’s quite simple, actually – businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage all their IT needs internally, especially in an age of digital transformation where nearly everything is moving (or has moved to) the cloud.  They need help from experts who can manage IT environments for them, more effectively and efficiently than their internal teams can.

But, perhaps there is one tech sector that is hotter on its own – cyber security.  Again, it’s a simple equation.  Cyber threats continue to increase, as does the cost per breach to companies and their customers, and in a digital-first age, attack surfaces will only continue to increase.  At the same time, hackers continue to hone their craft and find news ways to get to corporate assets, so you have a growing volume of increasingly sophisticated attacks on expanded attack surfaces, and IT teams that struggle to keep pace.  It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Given that, it’s easy to understand why Lynn Shourds, VP of channel alliances at Critical Insight, sees the convergence of these two hot market as a massive opportunity.  Indeed, there’s little question, considering how important MSPs have become to businesses, that security should be a top target for MSPs as they look to solidify their relationships as trust IT providers and advisors.  Businesses – SMS, in particular – have a very real need for guidance and assistance in fortifying and maintaining effective cyber security postures. 

Critical Insight is a Gold sponsor of MSP Expo 2023, taking place February 14-17 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of the larger #TECHSUPERSHOW.  Focused on helping MSPs understand the technologies and opportunities ahead of them, MSP Expo offers three full days of conference programming and an exhibit hall full of technology solutions to help businesses grow – including the security solutions MSPs need to support their customers.

I had a chance to catch up with Lynn ahead of MSP Expo to get his take on the MSP space, in general, and the opportunity they have as cyber partners to their clients.  Here’s what he had to say.

What is your current perception of the Managed Services space?  Why is it such a hot market?

For years, companies who have embraced technology as a step up to increase productivity, and therefore revenues, have created space in their industry. As more and more SMB customers come to learn that, in order to compete, they too, need to embrace digital transformation, stronger security practices, and an increased awareness of automation.

What’s the biggest opportunity for MSPs to increase their revenues and value to their clients?

IMHO this is in cybersecurity. There are far too many SMB businesses who are yet unaware of the total risks to their business and livelihood.

Why are you focused on partnering with MSPs?

MSPs are the lifeline to the SMB space. Having recently worked for a large U.S.-based MSP, I fully understand the trust that SMB customers put into their MSPs, and that’s a great place to drive business together.

Tell us about what you offer MSPs?  How are you helping them better address their customers’ needs?

Critical Insight is More Than MDR! Yes, we have an Award Winning Next-Gen MDR Platform, but additionally, we are a Boutique Cybersecurity-as-a-Service partner. We help our partners’ customers Prepare, Detect, and Respond to inevitable cyber events. Our full complement of services are relied upon by many partners across the country to help their customers sleep better at night, knowing that Critical Insight has eyes on their environments 24x7x365.

Is there any recent news from your company you would like to share?

There’s been a lot of talk about an IT talent gap.  Do MSPs have the technical expertise to address their customers’ needs adequately?  If yes, why is there then a misconception regarding talent and, if no, how are you MSPs bridge the gap?

There is a large talent gap in cybersecurity both from an MSP perspective and an end-customer point of view. There are hundreds of thousands of open jobs and many MSPs need to level-up their security expertise. Critical Insight tackles this problem two ways:

  1. Critical Insight becomes an extension of your team, offering two fully staffed 24x7 SOCs, a team of red teamers, a team of vCISOs, and a team of Incident Response experts.
  2. Critical Insight contributes to the future of security personnel through our PISCES program: University students use the Critical Insight stack to monitor small cities logs. The cities get free monitoring and the students get real-world training.

As MSPs look to build their portfolios, they have many vendor options.  Why should they partner with you? 

Critical Insight is a full-service cyber partner. We help our partners create a full cycle cybersecurity plan... not just one tool. We help prepare customers' environments, monitor them for detection, and respond when a cyber event occurs.

What differentiates your services or solutions from your competitors?

Our full-cycle cybersecurity-as-a-service offerings. We are MORE THAN MDR.

What kind of support do you offer your MSP partners throughout the partnership lifecycle (e.g., education, training, marketing, technical support, etc.)?

Our Critical Insight PartnerFirst Program provides partners with sales and sales engineering training, educational series, co-marketing activities, sales and technical support, along with a dedicated Partner Account Manager.

Look into your crystal ball and tell us how you see your market and/or the MSP space changing/evolving in the next few years

I think the MSP space is going to consolidate more in the future. Larger players are going to swallow up the smaller firms and continue to acquire other technologies to build out more of a full-service IT services firm.

Why are you excited about MSP Expo 2023?  Why should attendees be sure to stop by your booth in the exhibit hall? 

I’m excited to introduce our new Critical Insight PartnerFirst Program to more of the MSP Channel. I’ve worked with and through MSPs since 2010 and these companies are the lifeline to the SMB world.

If you are speaking at MSP Expo 2023, what is the session and why is it a must-attend session? 

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Clients Secure

Thursday, February 16, 2023


Good cyber hygiene is the backbone of a secure environment. From the basics to advanced cybersecurity technologies and services, keeping your clients secure is a must for any MSP services company.

Edited by Erik Linask
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