Lawrence County Chooses BIO-Key Solutions for Heightened Security


Lawrence County Chooses BIO-Key Solutions for Heightened Security

By Luke Bellos

Proper digital security has always been a necessary component to any successful business, but there is no doubt its importance has risen dramatically since the start of the pandemic. With more companies than ever investing in cloud infrastructure, digital resources, and utilizing remote/hybrid setups, bad actors have more opportunities than ever to potentially exploit vulnerabilities and trick employees. Because of this, security solution developers are stepping up their game to make sure online criminals no longer have the upper hand.

This week, identity and access management solution leader BIO-key revealed Lawrence County, SD selected the PortalGuard IAM platform to employ zero-trust security measures for mission critical applications and data. County officials also invested in the WEB-key biometric authentication solution, allowing employees to accurately confirm identity without traditional passwords.

With the PortalGuard IAM platform, Lawrence County’s IT department implemented multi-factor authentication measures across a wide range of commonly used applications, while maintaining compliance with the latest security and insurance requirements. The platform also offers protection for remote setups, so network resources are well protected regardless of employee location..

"Only a flexible and powerful approach to IAM security can help organizations meet the increasing challenges of today's threat landscape," said Mark Cochran, President of BIO-key - PortalGuard. "We are proud to provide our county government customers with cost-effective solutions to secure their operations, improve their user experience, and implement unified security controls that verify users' identities with a passwordless approach. PortalGuard and WEB-key provide advanced and flexible IAM capabilities without negatively impacting workflow.”

Interested in learning more about how BIO-key solutions create safer IT processes for businesses? Visit MSP EXPO from June 21-24, 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where BIO-key and other industry leaders are showcasing new products designed to keep employees and business interests protected from outside threats.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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