Latest NETSCOUT MSP Offering Aims for Increased IT Visibility


Latest NETSCOUT MSP Offering Aims for Increased IT Visibility

By Luke Bellos

IT performance management company NETSCOUT recently announced the launch of its Visibility as a Service (VaaS) managed service offering, providing businesses with consistent network monitoring capabilities at all times.

As organizations across the globe continue to digitally transform their network infrastructure with advanced cloud resources, many leaders have recognized that managing them can be a complex task. The switch to hybrid and remote work setups has added an extra level of importance to network management, as security and compliance risks have increased due to dispersed activity. However, tech labor shortages brought on by the pandemic have made it difficult for some organizations to adequately manage their IT operations.

To ensure customer networks have complete control over network activity, NETSCOUT’s VaaS solution offers round-the-clock testing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting features.

“Businesses have had to adapt to compete in tough talent acquisition and new remote work environments placing increased pressure and demands on IT teams,” stated Michael Szabados, chief operating officer, NETSCOUT. “VaaS helps enterprises identify and resolve problems quickly to maintain productivity while also helping to ensure an exceptional end-user experience. In addition, our customers benefit by extending the value of the investment they’ve made in our service assurance solutions to deliver higher returns.”

The NETSCOUT VaaS solution is currently available for new and existing customers. Along with the previously mentioned features, customers will also have access to VaaS service reports, which will allow executive leaders to have routine updates regarding the status of critical IT services and applications.

“Comprehensive as-a-service management offerings enable IT organizations to better align their operating priorities to spending, adjust their staff focus to more strategic responsibilities, and access provider-driven best practices, operational expertise, and technology innovation.” commented Mark Leary, research director, network analytics and automation, IDC. “All serve to drive enterprises towards a more proactive, predictive, and protective management approach to networking in today’s hyper-connected digital business environment.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, MSPToday

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