Velocity MSP Expands into Grocery Store with Acquisition of Impax Media

By Tracey E. Schelmetic

Ohio-based Velocity is a managed services company that provides network management, connectivity, and telecommunications as well as call center services and media solutions in cinema and the retail space. The company has announced its expanding its reach into grocery stores with the acquisition of Impax Media, Inc., a grocery store advertising network. Impax Media’s Digital Media Gate security system is an advertising network targeting captive retail shoppers at checkout (sometimes referred to as “the Point Of Wait.”) Currently, Impax provides in-store digital signage advertising to shoppers at the checkout aisles within 49 grocery stores in the New York City area.

In a press release, Velocity noted that it was attracted to Impax Media’s business because of the vital nature of grocery stores, particularly in 2020.

"COVID-19 has made it very tough for businesses to return to normalcy,” said Greg Kiley, Founder and CEO of Velocity, in a statement. “However, the grocery sector has never been more of an essential business as shown by the resiliency of the foot traffic during the pandemic. We look forward to continuing to expand our portfolio into the grocery and retail markets and enable new opportunities and solutions for our customers.”

Impax Media programing includes grocer messaging, in-store sales, entertainment, and advertising. Velocity noted that it’s partnering with Screenvision Media, a provider of cinema and premium video advertising services, to serve as a strategic seller of Impax's ad inventory. Impax is the latest addition to “Front + Center Everywhere,” Screenvision's expanding out-of-home (OOH) network that is designed to reach the engaged consumer beyond the cinema experience.

"Grocery stores and shoppers have become increasingly more attractive to endemic, as well as national, regional and local advertisers,” said Joe Ross, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Velocity. “We are looking forward to working with our Impax retailers and strategically exploring expansion within the grocery sector to enhance the shopper experience and the grocer's revenues.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

MSPToday Contributor

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