Nerdio Celebrates MSP Partner Program Success

By Michael Guta

Managed service providers (MSPs) operate in a highly competitive environment. The competition comes not only from other MSPs, but also from the manufacturers of the very products and services they sell, as well as retailers and other vendors. Companies in the tech segment address this challenge by creating partnership programs that give MSPs incentives to deliver better results. Nerdio launched such a program 100 days ago for its IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) platform so MSPs can generate more opportunities for increasing their revenue. The company said it has delivered on that promise by onboarding partners and empowering them with the technology.

Founded in 2005, Nerdio provides complete virtual IT environments for small-to-medium sized organizations and the MSPs who serve them through its IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) platform. The comprehensive IT infrastructure is delivered in the cloud with a fully-automated platform providing virtual hardware, software, security and support.

When the company launched the new partner program for its ITaaS, it not only wanted to increase the adoption of the technology but also empower the MSPs making the sales to be part of the process. This of course means enabling them to generate additional revenue from consulting services opportunities.

With ITaaS, the delivery method for IT is segmented into the many different parts that make up today's digital ecosystem. This includes hardware, software and support, which can be acquired by organizations with the exact amount of services they need with a monthly fee. This means a small business can have enterprise grade IT services without having to make extensive capital expenditure.

An ITaaS service provides expert support, the latest technology, minimal upfront investment, scalability and predictable expenses, to name a few. For MSPs, these are all great selling points, even for established enterprises with their own IT departments.

The Nerdio partner program is making all of these benefits available to MSPs along with better margins, lead generation, co-marketing dollars, product and sales training, live full-cycle sales support, and more.

As partners, they also have access to the Nerdio Partner Portal to register deals and access ready-made marketing and sales collateral. The portal is part of the support Nerdio provides which includes marketing and sales support services. Managed service providers can get customized email marketing, case study creation, product training, and go-to-market strategic counseling so they can continue growing their knowledge about the ITaaS solution the company offers. 


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