Converged Infrastructure is the Next Step in Data Center Efficiencies


Converged Infrastructure is the Next Step in Data Center Efficiencies

By Laura Stotler

Scalability, efficiency and cost savings are just some of the priorities that must be maintained when operating today’s data centers. The trend toward virtualization has had a huge impact, and yet some top IT executives don’t believe their data centers are functioning as well as previously anticipated.

New research from MSP Converged Technology Group shows that a good number of organizations and their CIOs are ready to enter the next phase of development when it comes to deploying and managing a converged environment. These are the very same companies that adopted virtualization three to five years ago, and are now looking at advanced converged infrastructures to increase efficiencies.

According to Leo E. Galletta, president and CEO of Converged Technology Group, simplification is key when it comes to streamlining today’s data centers. Solutions like VSPEX BLUE from EMC and Vblock from VCE are helping to facilitate this process by simplifying management of all IT resources, from virtual desktops to application deployments. The result is increases in efficiency as well as reduced risk.

"There's been a lot of innovation in integrated, converged and hyperconverged infrastructures lately, all of which spells opportunity for savvy CIOs who want to improve their business application performance and better support their virtual desktop infrastructure environment," said Galletta. "By leveraging advancements in converged or hyperconverged technology, companies can create a 'Virtualization 2.0' strategy that will help them be better prepared to meet their business, financial and technical needs."

The VSPEX BLUE hyperconverged infrastructure appliance simplifies deployment and management of virtualized environments and is tailored to the needs of SMBs and mid-market organizations. The Vblock converged infrastructure solution blends compute, network and storage technologies from a variety of vendors to create a pool of shared resources to simplify and streamline operations for enterprises.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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