Stay in Control with PEER 1 Hosting's Mission-Critical Cloud


Stay in Control with PEER 1 Hosting's Mission-Critical Cloud

By Blaise McNamee

Many businesses want take advantage of the public cloud, but are dissuaded by the complexity and operational disruption typical of wholesale rollover. Enterprises require a high level of control over system provisioning and oversight, as well as flexible and secure resource orchestration and disaster recovery options. Unfortunately, many providers fail to deliver the necessary control and availability for mission critical business operations, explaining the hesitancy at which some enterprises are approaching the public cloud.

PEER 1 Hosting, on the other hand, has recently unveiled a cloud solution designed specifically for such a purpose. Its newly released Mission Critical Cloud platform allows IT administrators to maintain complete control over their virtual servers in the cloud using a powerful admin console equipped with diverse management capabilities, including the ability to arrange and manage VMs in logical server groups, automate complex cloud deployments, provision servers in minutes, and run detailed billing and usage reports.

Robert Miggins, PEER 1 Hosting’s SVP of business development, told MSPToday at CloudExpo in New York that Mission Critical Cloud is ideal for the enterprise IT professional running a large IT department at a large company. In these environments, failure is not an option and risk is something to eliminate, not embrace. Mission Critical Cloud is tailored for these types of companies – big budgeted, risk averse and highly integrated. Miggins described the solution as extremely robust with integrated disaster recovery options, enterprise grade security features, intrusion detection capabilities, high availability firewalls, advanced server monitoring and powerful environment blueprinting.

“Many enterprises are searching for a more powerful, yet less complex public cloud solution,” Miggins said in a company statement. “Mission Critical Cloud addresses that need with a complete enterprise-grade cloud platform that eliminates concerns typically associated with public cloud usage, and instead introduces them to the benefits of the public cloud -- from increased ROI to reduced complexity and operational costs. Mission Critical Cloud is also a perfect example of our commitment to providing customers with choice in the cloud and allowing them to focus on the possibilities of the Internet and not the problems.”

Underlying Mission Critical Cloud is PEER 1 Hosting’s 10Gbps FastFiber Network backbone and 19 different data centers throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Currently, cloud services account for about 10 percent of the company’s business, also making up its fastest growing segment. With Mission Critical Cloud, PEER 1 Hosting hopes to increase its success moving up-market into the medium to large enterprise space.

Fundamentally, however, what makes PEER 1 different, according to Miggins, is its commitment to creating the most human experience on the Web. As a service provider, he said, they are always there to answer the phone and take care of any problems that may arise. No matter how robust or automated a given technology, ultimately people need to step in when something goes wrong. PEER 1 Hosting prides itself on hiring the right type of people who care about providing excellent customer support and are committed to the service model.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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