MSP Today Expert Feature
July 20, 2015

Cologix's Montreal Data Center Introduces CloudOp's New Virtual Private Cloud Offering

CloudOps, a provider of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions and managed services, recently announced that it has selected data center specialist Cologix to support the launch of, a new virtual private cloud product. The two companies have a longstanding symbiotic relationship that helps further development of each other’s products and this new launch is no exception; is aligned with Cologix’s newest data center in Montreal.

“For a cloud provider like us, finding the right data center provider is a key decision,” said Pierre-Luc Bisaillon, Chief Operating Officer at CloudOps. “It’s like the foundation of a house — Cologix provides the infrastructure as a base layer for CloudOps to offer a top quality product that requires a top quality data centre. Cologix is also focused on colocation and not competing with us, which is important from the philosophy of true colocation partnership to support the strong growth of our business.”

The MTL 7 data center in Montreal is connected to a dark fiber network that links Cologix’s other six data centers in the city. MTL 7 implements state-of-the-art technology and is by far the most capable of these seven, making it the perfect location for introducing CloudOps is therefore able to outsource critical IT infrastructure and vastly cut back on time to market, which is especially important in an environment of constantly evolving technological capabilities. As a result, the company benefits from agile, efficient, scalable and secure data center services that are enhanced by access to a centralized connectivity hub.

“Cologix continues to build on the rich ecosystem that intersects in our carrier neutral data centers, so we are gratified these efforts contribute to the continued success of CloudOps and its new solution in particular,” commented Scott Adams, Cologix Canada’s General Manager. “CloudOps is able to leverage the stability of our infrastructure to reach a larger audience of on-net customers than they could anywhere else, and in the process add a unique offering to the underserved cloud market in Canada. We are happy to support CloudOps’ continued success as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.”

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino