MSP Today Expert Feature
July 11, 2014

Global Law Firm Using Masergy Managed Cloud Networking Solutions

Law firms are prime candidates when it comes to taking advantage of Managed Cloud Networking solutions, sometimes having employees spanning the whole of the globe. For McKenna Long & Aldridge, a solution that included managed network connectivity and support for multi-tenancy was an absolute must.

The firm chose Masergy Communications to deliver a Managed Cloud Networking solution that would meet its communication and collaboration needs. With 15 offices in 13 cities throughout the world, the law firm needed a secure, scalable and flexible solution to meet the collaboration needs of its 575 attorneys and advisors.

Masergy’s offering enables the company to share sensitive data, including client video depositions, as well as a variety of collaboration solutions. The service includes Real-time Analytics as well, which let users dynamically scale their bandwidth and get new offices, employees and locations quickly connected to the corporate network.

An additional benefit for McKenna Long & Aldridge was the ability to increase the number of attorney/client video conferences three times over, while also enjoying an improved quality of service, including better visuals and no dropped calls.

"Masergy is a very good partner to help us grow and rearrange our business over time," said Patrick Tisdale, CIO of McKenna Long & Aldridge. "We are often setting up, moving or closing offices as we grow – it’s part of the constant repositioning we do to best serve our clients.”

Masergy offers Security-as-a-Service, real-time analytics, and a massive Cloud Marketplace of partners. Customers may put together packages including managed video services, data center and infrastructure solutions, compute and storage offerings, and a variety of applications through the marketplace.

Edited by Maurice Nagle