Ericsson and Telenor Partner in Myanmar

By Oliver VanDervoort

Ericsson might be more recognized as a company that deals with consumer electronics but the firm has long been branching out into other areas of the tech world. In that vein, the firm was recently named a network supplier and managed services provider for the Myanmar based company, Telenor. The agreement will see Ericsson serve as the managed service provider for Telenor as that firm begins a nationwide rollout among a multi-vendor implementation.

Myanmar says the country has seen a great deal of social and economic progress over the last few years and the country is now looking to open up its economy even more. The partnership will allow Myanmar and Telenor to have increased network rollout activity through Ericsson as they develop Telenor's mobile network.

Ericsson announced they have secured a five year contract for multi-vendor managed services that will include radio-access network (RAN) and associated services for a great deal of Telenor's network in the country. With the new rollouts, Telenor's network in Myanmar will cover about 90 percent of the country's growing population of more than 60 million.

The network is going to be set up to be one that can handle both 2G and 3G voice and data connectivity. Ericsson will serve as an MSP form that will help in the deployment as well as upgrades and maintenance now and in the future. Ericsson's specialization in this kind of a field will allow the company to help Telenor keep down the costs of operating a RAN, while also optimizing that network. The RAN will be able to actually be tailored so that it can handle different levels of traffic in different parts of the country.

Petter Furberg, CEO of Telenor Myanmar, talked about the partnership with Ericsson in a recent statement saying, "We are pleased to add Ericsson to the group of global partners we will be working with as we develop the Telenor Myanmar telecommunications network. This is a historic project for Myanmar and for Telenor, and strong partners like Ericsson will be critical to its success.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

Contributing Writer

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